Back in August, we got our first look at the new generation of Nest security devices. Since then we’ve seen the release of the Nest Doorbell and Nest Cam (battery). Now the rest of the range has landed in Australia for sale.

The Nest Cam (floodlight) and Nest Cam indoor (wired) are further, complementary devices to your Google Smart Home. Like the Nest Doorbell and Nest Cam (battery) they’re designed to stand the test of time and integrate seamlessly. As the name suggests, the floodlight option is a hardwired outdoor option to replace your sensor light at the front of your home and add visibility for peace of mind.

The floodlight has enough output to fully illuminate a large yard area when movement is detected. The system can also provide you with smart alerts, provided you have an active Nest Aware subscription.

The Nest Cam indoor (wired) is a smaller, higher resolution and more discrete indoor camera for your home. It’s got a heap of options through the Google platform integration to ensure privacy and security is maintained. This includes video footage being encrypted both in transit to and on the Google servers.

Being hardwired vs battery-powered cameras, there are pros and cons to the camera. The main detractor being, if you lose mains power you lose your security camera. Conversely, as a mains powered camera, there are no concerns with maintaining battery so the camera can more consistently and actively scan the viewable area for motion events and people.

The Nest Cam (floodlight) and Nest Cam indoor (wired) are now available via the Google Store online and through the usual retail channels for $549.00 and $169.00 respectively.

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super expensive