Like it or not, Google Play Music is gone – but never forgotten. It was simple, lightweight and just worked the way you expected it to. Now YouTube Music has taken on the mantle for Google’s streaming music services, there are still missing features. One of those, perhaps, maybe resolved in the near future.

Currently, free users who minimise the app or turn off their screen also pause playback. From November 3rd Canadian residents will be able to listen to personal library music as a background item, for free. They’ll also be able to enjoy stations — similar to that of Spotify — that will provide you with a mix of music based on your listening habits and taste. The update will also allow users to utilise the Google Assistant driving mode, minimising distractions from the task at hand: Driving.

For users who’ve muddled through with the somewhat clumsy implementation of free to use YouTube Music, this is welcome. For those who’ve migrated elsewhere, it’s perhaps a reason to return. Either way, it shows a continued effort from Google to make the experience better, hopefully rolling out internationally soon!

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YouTube music is not merely clumsy. It is defective by design.


Unfortunately I’d have to agree. The move from Google Play Music to Youtube Music was not a case of “lot’s of improvements to offset the few losses of functionality” as you often find with the constant Google application churn. It is worse in every way except for branding… which is irrelevant at the consumer end.