The IT teams at Service NSW and Medicare have worked together so you can now save your COVID-19 vaccine certificate in the Service NSW app and have it ready to show when entering a business or government building. There’s also an option to view the certificate in Google Pay/Apple Pay or as a PDF.

You’ll first need a MyServiceNSW Account and the latest version of the Service NSW app.

You can then add your COVID-19 digital certificate using either the Express Plus Medicare app or your Medicare online account through myGov.

Using the Express Plus Medicare app:

Open the Express Plus Medicare app. Then Select ‘Proof of vaccinations’ from Services.


Select ‘View history’. Select your name, then ‘View COVID-19 digital certificate’.

Select ‘Share with check in app’. Select ‘Service NSW’, scroll down and choose “Accept and Share” button. Click “OK” on the popup orange Alert box.

Log in to your Service NSW app and follow the prompts to add your certificate to your profile.

Once it’s added your certificate will appear in the “Licences & Credentials area” where you might already see your Drivers Licence . Just swipe Left until you see “COVID-19 digital certificate” and press it.

Adding certificate using Medicare online account through myGov:

Sign in to your myGov account using a browser on your device.


Select “Medicare”. Select ‘View proof’ in Proof of vaccinations.

Select ‘View history’.

Select your name.

Select ‘Share with check in app’. Select ‘Service NSW’ and follow the prompts log in to your Service NSW app and follow the prompts as listed above to add your certificate to your profile.

Or if you don’t want to use the Service NSW app you can download your certificate as a PDF or save your COVID-19 proof of vaccination certificate to Google Pay/Apple Pay.

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Daniel Narbett

*sigh* the Service Victoria app lets you take a screen recording of the sparkly-changing-watermark display that confirms vaccination status for check-in

Daniel Narbett

Heh I hadn’t actually thought to for some season, but will do that now thanks


Getting something went wrong for Medicare to Service NSW. I’ll try again later. Already have it in Google Pay and Medicare app (saved offline).


Also saved in Drive as PDF for extra extra redundancy 😂 ServiceNSW also has a banner about maintenance so it could be that.