Keyboards are a very personal decision as there are a lot of factors to your preference. Key and switch type, the touch, sound and layout are all important. But if you spend a lot of time in front of a PC, features like being resistant to spills could be very important.

The Apex 3 TenKeyLess (TKL) keyboard, is SteelSeries first water-resistant TKL gaming keyboard. And while it’s labelled to be a gaming keyboard, it could easily be used as a daily driver. The IP32 water and dust resistance for protection against spills is a definite selling feature if the looks don’t sell you.

Being TenKeyLess, it’s not a keyboard that will suit data entry workers. But if you’re looking for a touch of extra space on your desk or even the closer positioning of your mouse for gaming: Then it’s a real winner.

The Apex 3 is designed for functionality with multimedia controls built-in, controls for the brightness of the keyboards RGB lighting and — via software — programmable macros. More features include the ability to quickly share clips to messaging or media sites. All of that is good news, as is the expected durability of over 20 million keypresses.

This presents as an enticing piece of equipment for a number of reasons. When you look at the pricing, that enticement continues: Landing at US$59.99 via the SteelSeries website, it’s an affordable option that could improve your play and productivity setup.

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Being tenkeyless, this very much isn’t my style of keyboard.
If I was going after a SteelSeries keyboard, I’d be looking at the regular Apex 3.