It’s been a while coming, as the consumer market moves increasingly online, but Arlo now has an Aussie online store. The launch timed well for the Christmas rush offers access to its range of security cameras, doorbells and floodlight cameras.

Brad Little, Vice President & Managing Director APAC gave a clear indication of Arlo’s strategy when he said:

With consumers increasingly choosing to shop online, we at Arlo are seeking to give Australian consumers options to where they can shop for our award-winning security products and services. We hope to continue to build on our brands success both through the launch of our online store and our continued commitment to our existing trade partners.

The shop will ensure users can read about, compare and price any of the Arlo equipment they may have their eyes on. You can check out the site, and for a limited time enjoy a 5% discount across the entire range of Arlo gear. Of course, if you’re shopping for home, keep your eyes out closer to Christmas for great deals through retail channels.

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the maximum upload speed on 1000 down on with the nbn is 50 upload

if I installed five 4k arlo and one doorbell , i will lose all the upload speed

we need nbn to start offering 1000/400 plan for residents so I can install all these new cloud CCTV

at the moment cloud CCTV in Australia doesn’t work because the upload speed is so slow

in Usa they enjoy all these products because they got 1000/1000 mbps fibre internet or cable