Tidal is a relatively new name in the music streaming game, despite this they’re slowly building a customer base. They have, however, finally twigged that a free tier — like the major competitors offer — is a great idea to get new customers on board.

The point of difference with Tidal is the high-quality streams they offer and, provided you’ve got the headwear for it, it is a big difference. As part of its new tiered approach, Tidal now has three offerings:

  • A free tier for US customers with up to 160kbps
  • Hifi (1141kbps) sound for AU$11.99 per month
  • Master quality (up to 9216kbps) for AU$23.99 per month

While it’s nice to see that companies like Tidal are expanding their offerings, it would be even better to see them remember there are users other than in the USA.