When Disney+ Launched two years ago it was almost a no brainer, at $89.99 a year for all of the legacy Disney, Star Wars and Marvel content you could watch it was an easy sell. Add to that the original content that was excusive to Disney+ and it was a must have for any nerd.

Over the past few years the content has certainty grown with all new movies and exclusive series adding to that value. A new Stars channel was also added giving a wider selection of legacy content, much of it great nostalgia fodda.

This year Disney has announced that the streaming service is getting a price hike up to $119.99 for a yearly subscription, that’s a 33% increase. For original subscribers you’re renewal date is right around the corner, so the question is are you sticking with it?

For me I will give up Disney+ right after I stop breathing. The legacy content alone is something I access weekly, the new movie content is something I anticipate and much of the original content is something I simply wouldn’t go without. That doesn’t mean that I think the price rise is reasonable, but who ever said the Disney Corporation was reasonable? They just happen to have a lot of great content.

If you are going to stick with it, and you subscribe through Google Play, you can grab $120 of Google Play Gift Cards for $108 this week from Woolworths. While not a huge discount why pay $12 more than you need to!

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    I am in a similar boat to @scott below. Our Netflix hardly gets used but Disney+ is used every day. With the price hike, one of them has to go and it is most likely Netflix.


    Apologies. I didn’t chose the name but I am hoping the Scott commenting below is Scott P.


    This is why we share accounts. We have most streaming services available, some we pay for, others paid by friends. Also works for stuff like Nintendo Switch Online family plan.


    I’ve got two young kids (3 and 5) and for us it’s a no brainer. Between iView (free), YouTube (free but ad supported) and Disney+, I actually think we’ll be ditching Netflix pretty soon, it barely gets launched any more.

    Adam M

    I suspect I will cancel my annual renewal and drop back to paying for a month here or there when there’s something I want to watch.


    Then they wonder why people continue to pirate. Most can’t justify having 10 streaming services these days to watch bits and pieces of content they like, it’s gotten more costly than having Foxtel back in the day which everyone was saying how expensive it was…

    They need a new business model, maybe coming together and working up a bundle deal etc…

    How times change haha


    I pay enough for streaming as it is. Not sure I could justify Disney before or after the price rise tbh.


    We are going to drop the annual subscription this year. We may purchase a couple of month sometime next year to catch up on TV shows/movies.