Got kids who like the jolly red man? Know where to find a payphone? If the answer is yes both times then Telstra has a little something special this Christmas season, free phone calls to Santa. So get your Ho Ho Ho on and go find a payphone.

With over 15,000 payphones still in service across Australia, Telstra has decided to through a little Christmas cheer at the kids this season with a free Santa hotline. Simply find a payphone, and dial #HO HO HO or # 46 46 46 and you’ll be connected to the north pole.

For those who weren’t aware you can also use any payphone to make free calls to any ‘standard’ national landline or mobile number. So if you want to make a connection to someone this Christmas season but don’t have a phone or mobile credit, then you can reach out for free from any payphone. To find payphones near you check out the Telstra locator.

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    Duncan, a serious question: If you don’t have a phone or mobile credit, then you will also be unlikely to have the internet. With that being the case, how then would you access the Telstra Locator?


    Plenty of people using public / customer wifi services (Maccas and the like) to access internet with mobiles with limited or no credit – they’re called school aged kids and teenagers.