Optus continues innovating with little new features that make it’s mobile network different from Telstra and TPG/Vodafone.

The latest “Optus Living Network” trial feature is Optus Call Notes, a new feature which transcribes mobile calls in real time and makes the transcript available in My Optus App.

This feature is coming soon as a Beta trial and will be available to a limited number of selected Optus postpaid mobile customers.

Taking notes while on an important call can be tricky, especially when on the go. Optus Call Notes captures calls in writing, so it’s easier to stay focused on the conversation.

Optus says whether the call is a business meeting, a job interview, or a chat with a tradie, there is no longer a need to worry about forgetting the details.

Let’s see how well it works in reality as Aussies have a wide variety of accents when speaking English, if you’re an early beta tester of Call Notes please let us know.

Optus has worked with technology leaders; Sensory Inc, to help build the Optus assistant, that will wake up on command during a call.

Customers can just say “Hey Optus” to access the assistant, followed by “take notes” to start transcription.

Optus says Call Notes is designed with security and privacy at its heart, transcripts are fully encrypted in transit and are stored on a customer’s device for as long as they take to send to My Optus App.

Once the customer has viewed it, the note is deleted from all Optus systems as soon as possible.

Other “Optus Living Network” features include includes Unlimited Data Day, Donate Your Data, Call Translate, Optus Pause, WiFi Secure, Game Path and Sidekick with more features to come.

Sensory CEO Todd Mozer said:

“Sensory is thrilled to be working with an innovative company like Optus. Working together we have implemented Sensory’s wake word technology to help create the ‘Hey Optus’ assistant, which will revolutionise what people can do in their phone calls.”