There are so many of us who are time (and money) poor these days, so spending thousands on a gaming rig just isn’t feasible. So it’s nice to see brands like PNY who offer great value and performance making a strong move into the Aussie market.

Recently signing an agreement with Leader Computers to stock and distribute all hardware and peripherals nationally, PNY has increased access through IT channel sales throughout Australia.

In the partnership announcement, PNY regional sales director (ANZ), Robert Wu said:

PNY was looking for a professional and capable component distributor in Australia to meet the needs of our rapid growth in Australia. Leader is one of the largest component distributors in Australia and thus, we can and will leverage its strengths in each sales channel. Leader are the perfect complement to PNY and our VGA, SSD and DRAM products in Australia.

Having worked for Leader in the early 2000s when they were SA based only, I can speak personally of the drive, professionalism and knowledge of their team and management. Leader is one of the largest IT distributors in Australia with offices and warehousing in all 5 major cities.

It seems a natural move for a brand name like PNY to attach themselves to such a professional outfit, giving them another pathway to get their goods in the hands of consumers.