Designed by Australians for Australians, the IQU tablets are 8 and 10-inch options ready for market. Being Android Go based and Google Certified, apps and services are pre-loaded and just work.

The T8 Tablet

An 8-inch HD IPS display device, with 16GB of storage (expandable to 128GB via MicroSD) and 2GB of RAM isn’t a powerhouse by today’s standard. What it is, however, is a lightweight (185 grams) and portable workhorse, that can move out of work and into the realm of play.

The battery is a relatively small 3,000mAh capacity but the specs of the device mean there’s not a huge power draw. It’s also ready for all Australian 4G networks with call and SMS support built into the device. If you’re concerned about connectivity in a low-budget device, there is plenty on offer with:

  • 4G LTE and Wi-Fi for Data
  • Bluetooth for accessory connection
  • GPS for navigation

The cameras (2MPrear and .3MP front) are sufficient for video calls and still manage to come in at a budget-friendly $199.00 for the device. If it’s sounding like something you might like to take a closer look at, you can grab one from SIMConnect online.

The T10 tablet

Sticking with the theme of value for money the T10 is an Android Go powered 10.1-inch tablet designed to be an entertainment control point for your home. Its 800 x 1280 IPS HD display is powered by a 5,000mAh battery and driven by a quad core processor.

Similar to the T8, the T10 has 2GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage (MicroSD can boost that by 128GB) and carries the same range of connectivity (Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, Wi-Fi ac and 4G LTE). The specs aren’t bleeding edge, but the price is very sharp at $249.00 is available via SIMConnect.

We’re looking to get some hands on time with both tablets to write up reviews soon.

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1280×800 on a 10in tablet might have been acceptable for an entry level 10in tablet, back in 2013, but it most certainly is way below minimum acceptable for 2021. Added to the massive degree of insult these tablets have is, Cameras that so low res, they will fail at managing QR check-in codes. Minuscule RAM amounts that will make anything outside of single tasking or more than one browser tab open at a time, to be an exercise in frustration. And to be so sub-standard, that they need to use Android Go. The bezels on the 8in, 2010 is calling… Read more »


What an absolute waste of money for those specs (lte included). But, thanks for sharing this information anyway. I’ve been burnt too many times on cheap tablets. Spend the xtra on a well known brand and you will never look back.


I’ve been burnt by Android tablets, period! It pains me to say this, but go and get an iPad, and don’t waste your time or hard earned $ on anything else.