Telstra has this morning announced and launched its latest Smart Modem 3 box, which the company is stating outperformed the modems of all major home internet competitors that were tested, delivering the fastest Wi-Fi speeds, strength and coverage.

The new Telstra Smart Modem 3 latest Wi-Fi 6 technology and delivers with it major security enhancements to help keep home wireless networks secure and automatic software updates to ensure the modem’s security protocols are kept up to date.

Like previous generations of Smart Modems from Telstra, should your usual NBN connection be disrupted, the Smart Modem 3 will instantly convert to Telstra’s vast 4G network, with 4G backup speeds now up to 25/5Mbps to keep you connected to the internet, alongside other existing unique support features like SmartFix and Smart Troubleshooting.

SmartFix actively monitors internet performance, automatically trying to resolve any faults and will even organise an appointment with NBN Co if one is required, whilst Telstra Smart Troubleshooting also helps customers easily diagnose Wi-Fi issues and offers troubleshooting suggestions within the My Telstra app.

Telstra Group Executive for Consumer & Small Business, Michael Ackland, has said the Telstra Smart Modem 3 raised the benchmark for connectivity in Australian households:

“As Australia’s leading broadband provider, we’re driving industry innovation in our home broadband products. And that “Our new modem delivers the fastest Wi-Fi, on more devices, in more parts – especially the furthest corners – of your house,”

“While nbn outages are inevitable, every day we see 50,000 Telstra customers saved from the pain of being disconnected from the internet as their Smart Modems switch over to 4G backup” and that “Since the start of the pandemic, nbn usage on our network has increased 30 per cent a year as many of us work and study at home. That’s put the spotlight firmly on broadband connectivity as an essential part of our lives. While we continue to have the industry’s highest advertised typical evening speeds across the entire range of nbn speed tiers, it’s important for Australians to know that their modem also really matters,”

Telstra have stated that the Smart Modem 3 is made from 80% recycled materials with 100% recycled packaging, which helps Telstra significantly reduce Scope 3 emissions to 50 per cent by 2030.

The Telstra Smart Modem is included for free for customers who stay connected to Telstra for 24 months.

We will be reviewing the Smart Modem 3 and comparing it to the previous Smart Modem 2, so keep an eye out on the site for when that goes live.

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on telstra blog they say 9.6 gigabit while ax11000 routers have to be triband 

and they say again 3 gigabit ! 

so is the modem router ax11000 or ax3000? 

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