Wingmen are part of history because everybody has the best dating assistant in their pocket. Smartphones changed how we learn, have fun, meet friends, and get dates. They’re handy for many reasons, but we’ll look into features related to online dating. No friend, no matter how sweet talking he is, comes close to the phone in setting-up dates.

GPS and Geolocation for Local Dating

Everybody has a friend who claims he knows where all the local singles hang out but never takes you there. Mobile phones aren’t like that. Not only they can’t lie about the locations of other members on dating sites, but they connect you with more people simultaneously. And the best thing, it works worldwide. Guys in various countries ask themselves – “Are there any women looking for men near me?” – and get different matches on that same site. That’s because all modern dating platforms use location as a matching factor. Most people are looking for someone nearby, so the algorithm works together with geolocation features on the phone to show the closest matches first. Of course, there must be local members on the site to get any good leads. If that term is fulfilled, a phone becomes the wingman.

Turning Notifications ON/OFF to Set The Pace

Online dating platforms nowadays let their members turn notifications on and off. Better sites let users switch off only some notifications. That’s an underrated feature because it enables everybody to set their own pace of looking for dates. Someone eager to find partners will turn notifications waiting for every message and like to get dates asap. But it would be awkward to know your phone is vibrating during a meeting because you’re getting photos or winks. It’s easier to be discreet if the notifications are off too. But the main benefit of that feature is personal peace.

People sometimes go to too many dates and chat with so many matches that they take short breaks from active online dating. Keeping notifications off during the day and chatting in the evening is common practice among busy people. They prevent online dating from disturbing their focus without sacrificing much. Dating sites have the seen feature, so other members can see if you’re active. Any good match won’t mind waiting for a reply.

Voice to Text and Voice Messages for Quick Chatting

Millennials aren’t experts in typing on phones. Older generations aren’t far behind either. There’s something romantic about writing texts, like love letters of our time. But sometimes, there’s no time for texting. It’s easier to record a 20-second voice message than type 50+ words. And that’s a standard feature on all dating platforms available for mobiles. Some even have the voice-to-text if the other side can’t listen to voice messages at the time.

Another benefit of voice messages is related to safety. It’s always good to ask potential partners to record voice messages to prove they’re real. However, one other feature gives even more security, excitement, and pleasure.

Having Almost Real Dates on Video Calls

Years ago, no one could imagine we’d be having live video calls whenever we desired. Now that’s the way of communication with family and friends. But it’s also the closest to dates users of dating sites can get without meeting for dates. That reveals everything about the other person and proves they’re who they claim to be, which is a massive safety bonus.

Other than safety, video calls improve the efficiency of dating sites. People can see each other and avoid awkward first dates. Most who spend days texting switch to video calls at one point. It’s fun and works smoothly on all legit sites. Everything else you need is a good wingman, sorry, phone. New phones are machines for video flirting, but average smartphones are more than enough. Singles who live in areas with weak internet connections, at least, exchange videos before meeting in person. It’s common sense and courtesy nowadays.

Planner for Keeping Track with All the Dates

We all like to think our brains are fit and capable of keeping everything in order. But then we forget doctor appointments, Zoom calls, drinks with friends, and dates. That never happens to those who use another underrated smartphone feature – calendar or planner. There are psychological benefits of using calendars to schedule our time. But singles who date a lot may confuse days or partners and need help keeping track. Writing everything helps. Everything is a couple of touches away, and it’s impossible to forget anything. Notes apps are a decent alternative for those who aren’t fans of calendars. No one has friends who would ring at any time of day or night to warn them about the upcoming date. No one. We should give more credit to phones as wingmen