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For years, Instagram has become one of the key elements for many brands and companies in terms of their presence on social networks, since it is an excellent means of making themselves known throughout the world, promoting campaigns marketing or boost web traffic.

But not only companies and businesses use Instagram as a great place to share their content and reach a global audience; Millions of users also use this social network daily to post their photos, stories or images. Some have even turned it into a constant source of income, the so-called “instagramers”.

However, both for companies or brands, as well as for a potential influencer, starting from scratch on Instagram can be complicated. Perhaps the story of spending hours planning and creating new content to later verify that you barely get a few likes and few new followers is familiar to you.

If your Instagram presence isn’t as strong as you’d hoped, it might be a good time to learn how to refine and improve your strategies to grow your real Instagram followers. The larger your audience, the more likely users are to engage with your posts, and the more impact the content you share will get.

There is no perfect guide to tell you step by step how to grow on Instagram, but you can apply a good number of tricks, tactics and strategies that will help you get followers on Instagram quickly and thus reach a wider audience.

Optimize your Instagram account

Your Instagram profile says a lot about you and is the first thing your potential followers will see, so the image you convey here is very important. Since the platform has a character limit, make the most of the available space to build a good description in your Instagram bio along with a powerful profile photo.

Include aspects such as a clear description of what you do, what you do or your hobbies; give it a personal touch so it doesn’t look like a generic bio; and if possible, add a link.

Links in Instagram bios are the only links users can click on, so choosing what to link here is critical. Most brands and companies include their website address here so customers can click through for more information; while other users update this link regularly to accommodate new posts.

Buy Instagram followers to get started easier

An Instagram account with hardly any followers is more difficult to attract new followers, since many users may think that the content that is shared is not worth it. The beginnings in a social network can be difficult, however there are always interesting alternatives to make them easier.

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Best time to post on Instagram

Various studies are constantly being carried out on the best time to post on Instagram. Generally speaking, the best time to release your photos, images, videos or stories to the world is usually between 11 am and 2 pm, Monday through Friday.

However, consider this information as a guide, since there is no concrete answer about the best time to publish a post on Instagram and reach more people. This will also depend on the type of followers you have and when they are most active, as well as the content and theme of the publication. To optimize your results, the ideal is to track the participation and interactions achieved with the analysis tools available on the platform.

Experiment with different types of content

Remember that Instagram is not just a place to post images and photos. Over time, the platform has introduced various improvements and new ways of sharing content, such as Instagram stories.

Experimenting with different types of content and categories is one of the best ways to get more followers on Instagram, because it gives you the opportunity to reach and connect with a wider range of people.

In addition, the Instagram algorithm analyzes the interest generated by the posts and seeks to show in the results the types of content that are most frequently interacted with. Diversification is the key.

Interact with your audience

Encouraging follower engagement and interactions is a critical factor in growing on Instagram. Many brands make the mistake of focusing exclusively on getting more likes or new comments without taking into account the people behind the statistics. If you really want to gain followers on Instagram, you should do everything you can to engage your fans and followers by engaging them in conversations to reply or leave their comments and impressions.

Use and research hashtags

Due to the way this platform works, users cannot search for the text of the publications, but they can find your content through Instagram hashtags. This means that using a proper hashtag can be a great way to get Instagram followers quickly and for free.

Including a relevant hashtag in your posts will help people find your content more easily. In addition, potential followers can also follow any hashtag, so this content can appear in the feeds of people who do not follow your account yet. Remember that you can include up to 30 hashtags in an Instagram post, so do your research and experiment to find out which hashtags work best with your posts.

Organize giveaways

Contests and sweepstakes can help you gain followers on Instagram if you include some actions such as following your account, or commenting on photos by tagging a friend as requirements to participate.

This way, the friends mentioned in the post will also see your post and can choose to follow your account. Plus, people will discover your contest from the posts their friends create. An effective way to build trust with new followers and attract more viewers to your profile.

Link your Instagram from another page

The easiest method to get Instagram followers fast is to make it easy for other people to find you with a simple link that anyone can click. You can link your Instagram account to a lot of sites on the internet to increase your visits, or even link to your top posts.

Some of the most recommended external sites to place a link to your Instagram are in the signature of emails or in the forums; on your own website or on your blog; and in your profiles on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.


These tactics that we have seen in the article are a good summary of tricks and strategies that can help you in the process of getting followers on Instagram quickly and efficiently. In any case, keep in mind that each profile is different, and boosting the popularity of a personal account can be a different process than growing an account for a brand, company or business.

Buying some followers on Instagram to start, optimizing your account description or interacting with your followers so they see your engagement are great tips to get started on this social network, but later you will have to experiment and try the different strategies to know what is the best. what works best for you.