At Mobile World Congress in February, TCL continued pushing hard with a number of announcements. Both productivity (tablets and laptop options) as well as new mobile devices were announced. At the time, we were unsure which of the new devices would grace Australian shores, but now we know!

In a release this morning, Joseph Corrente, Channel Manager for TCL Communication Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands confirmed:

“Following a highly successful 2021 locally for TCL Mobile, which saw us introduce 11 new devices across smartphones, wearables and audio, we’re thrilled to be able to carry this momentum into 2022. Today marks the start of our new product introductions for the year with four new devices, led by the TCL 30+ and 30 SE. These devices reinforce our growing position in the market to deliver incredible display technology alongside an array of other high-quality features at an affordable price,”

The device range from a budget-friendly $229.00 for the TCL 306 through to the TCL 30+, which will set you back $399.00. Sharing a number of specs such as the 5,000mAh battery (5,010 for the 30+) there are also some significant steps up in spec for each model.

As you would reasonably expect with the TCL 305 being one of the cheapest ($199.00 rrp) of the bunch, it’s a lower-spec device with a MediaTek 6761 processor and 2GB of RAM, 64GB of storage running Android GO and a relatively low-end camera setup.

The TCL 306 ($229.00 RRP) is a sidestep with a MediaTek 6762, Android 12, 3GB RAM and a mere 32GB of storage. The Camera array is basic with features aligned to the basic setup, the step-up however is NFC ready for Google Pay.

Onto the higher-end hardware with the TCL 30 SE (6.52″) and TCL 30+ (6.7″), which sport the Helio G25 and Helio G37, respectively. Both are rocking TCL UI — a stock Android experience — with Android 12, 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. Both devices have NFC and fast charging capacity.

The 30 SE ($329.00 RRP) and 30+ ($399.00 RRP) take a huge leap over the other new devices, is the 50MP main camera + 2MP depth camera + 2MP macro lens. There are a number of automated capture modes consistent with last year’s models, making them evolutionary on an already impressive setup.

The new devices will be available across the normal retail channels (Officeworks, Big W, Mobilieciti, Amazon, Dick Smith and Harvey Norman) in the coming weeks.

While there is no confirmation as yet, we’re expecting some of the 5G options to land later this year

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Paul Warner

Do they support 5G, VoLTE and VoWiFi??

TCL Mobile Australia

Hi Paul, there are currently 3 TCL 20 Series products available in market that Support 5G (TCL 20 R 5G, TCL 20 5G and TCL 20 Pro 5G).

All TCL 4G and 5G handset support VoLTE and VoWIFI

Paul Warner

Thanx for the info.


these phones are good for kids

Andrew Priest

I am assuming it is too much to ask for wireless charging at the higher price point model, the TCL 30+.

TCL Mobile Australia

Hi Andrew,

The TCL 20 Pro 5G is Wireless charging and much more. The recent TCL 30 Series just released do not support wireless charging but they do have Smart Charging, where the phone learns your sleep pattern and charging pattern and delaying charging once 80% is hit, prolonging the life of the battery.

Also the TCL 306, TCL 30 SE and the TCL 30+ all have NFC ready for a Contactless society.

Michael Hughes

Great deal: if The Good Guys has your email and mobile phone number you could save $50 on purchases in-store over $100 before the end of Easter. *Exclusions apply. You need to activate via an email.


The TCL 305 is also offered at Vodafone for $149 on prepaid:
TCL 305 4G | Vodafone Australia

TCL Mobile Australia

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