It’s the last day of my mobile billing month and I had lots of data left over so I just donated 9GB via the My Optus app, which will be distributed by charities like the Smith Family to Australians who can’t afford to pay for mobile services.

My Optus
My Optus
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

If you’re paying for an eligible Optus mobile service like me, you can donate your spare data to help Australians who don’t have regular access to the mobile internet.

If you’re an Optus Mobile Postpaid customer, you’re eligible to donate once every 12 hours and as often as you like each month. Eligible Prepaid customers are also able to donate as often as they like each month.

Unfortunately Optus Mobile Broadband, Fleet & Tech Fund customers and customers on Unleashed plans are not able to participate in Optus Donate Your Data.

For some reason the maximum I was allowed to donate just now in one go was 9GB, so in 12 hours I’ll be able to donate the remaining spare data before the last billing day for my mobile plan ends.

I think Optus Donate Your Data is a great idea and other Australian mobile providers should offer something similar to their customers.

It’s really easy to do via the My Optus app, you can see the steps I took below.