We’ve already seen some images of the Pixel Watch, now we get even more with images of the device including the band. Reddit User tagtech414 claims to be friends with the previous leaker and spent some time with his friend and the Pixel Watch.

Referring to the bands, he says:

20mm width. Kind of a pain to attach the first time, but I imagine it would be easier after I know how to properly attach them. They are extremely secure and don’t feel like they will easily release. Most importantly, this is the most comfortable watch I’ve ever worn. It feels much thinner than the measurements would lead you to believe.

Further noting the comfort levels are high, the device isn’t a fingerprint magnet and closes by complementing Google and pleading for them not to litigate. With only a very short time before Google I/O, there’s little left to the imagination with the Pixel Watch but can Google still pull out a surprise?

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looks nice

Phill Edwards

The best surprise would be if they manage to produce a watch that doesn’t struggle to last a day on a single charge.