Whether your TV buying budget is $60000 or $1000 one of LG’s 42 new models in their 2022 range may be of interest to you.

As the leader in OLED TV technology it’s not surprising to see that LG is offering a wide range of screen sizes from the smallest to the largest OLED TV’s available.

Tony Brown, Marketing Manager for Home Entertainment at LG Electronics Australia commented on the arrival of the 2022 range:

“At LG Electronics, we are passionate about connecting Australians to bigger, better, brighter viewing experiences. Over the last two years, we have seen a huge surge in demand for premium content and as we head into a new era of living in 2022, our TV line-up further supports consumer home entertainment needs”.

“This year, we are not only continuing our leadership in OLED technology but also as a TV category leader. Through new technologies, form factors and sizes, LG TV products cater to all Australians’ home entertainment passions – whether that be movies, sports, gaming or design.”

Upgraded LG webOS and LG Magic Remote: Making content discovery and navigation an easy task, LG has enhanced the user experience with its new webOS 22 interface. The ‘My Profile’ feature across all 2022 LG TVs lets users create personal profiles, ensuring content recommendations are personalised to individual uses.

For entertainment viewing, LG has made it easy for users to access a wide range of content in 2022, with the integration of streaming services including Disney+, Stan, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Apple TV+, Foxtel, BINGE, Kayo and Optus Sport.

Easily accessed through the new webOS 22 interface and LG Magic Remote, these built-in apps provide users the ability to subscribe to and stream a wide range of available content. And amplifying the content viewing experience, LG 2022 TVs offer users the ability to experience Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos titles across Netflix, Apple TV+, and Disney+

Additionally, the LG Magic Remote comes with the company’s Magic Tap feature, which allows users to easily mirror content from an NFC-enabled Android smartphone to their LG TV for viewing content. And with Apple AirPlay 2, users can stream content including Dolby Vision titles from iPhone, iPad and Mac to their compatible LG TV sets.

OLED77Z2PSA.AAU$23,999 May
ART90 OLED65ART90ESQA.AAU$17,999 May



OLED97G2PSA.AAU$47,999 Oct
OLED83G2PSA.AAU$15,599 May
OLED77G2PSA.AAU$11,399 May
OLED65G2PSA.AAU$6,359 May
OLED55G2PSA.AAU$4,799 May


OLED83C2PSA.AAU$13,199 May
OLED77C2PSC.AAU$9,599 May
OLED65C2PSC.AAU$5,399 May
OLED55C2PSC.AAU$4,079 May
OLED48C2PSA.AAU$3,599 May
OLED42C2PSA.AAU$3,239 May
OLED55A2PSA.AAU$3,719 May


86QNED99SQB.AAU$10,799 June
75QNED99SQB.AAU$7,799 June
65QNED99SQB.AAU$5,759 June


86QNED91SQA.AAU$8,399 June
75QNED91SQA.AAU$5,999 June
65QNED91SQA.AAU$4,679 June


86QNED85SQA.AAU$7,199 May
75QNED85SQA.AAU$5,159 May
65QNED85SQA.AAU$3,959 May
55QNED85SQA.AAU$2,999 May


86QNED80SQA.AAU$5,999 May
75QNED80SQA.AAU$4,199 May
65QNED80SQA.AAU$2,999 May
55QNED80SQA.AAU$2,399 May




86NANO75SQA.AAU$4,799 May
75NANO75SQA.AAU$2,999 May
65NANO75SQA.AAU$2,279 May
55NANO75SQA.AAU$1,799 May
50NANO75SQA.AAU$1,439 May
43NANO75SQA.AAU$1,259 May




86UQ9000PSD.AAU$4,019 May
75UQ9000PSD.AAU$2,434 May
65UQ9000PSD.AAU$1,787 May
55UQ9000PSD.AAU$1,459 May
50UQ9000PSD.AAU$1,199 May
43UQ9000PSD.AAU$1,079 May


LG also unveiled the company’s 2022 sound bar range-consisting of six new models which deliver premium audio quality, seamless connectivity and smart functionality.

LG has continued its connectivity features in 2022 with the 4 higher end models working with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri (for Apple AirPlay 2) to allow users voice-controlled access to control compatible smart home devices, get answers, play content and make everyday tasks easier.

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Neerav, is it possible to have large size, readable versions of those LG chart images, for this article? Even on a 27in 1080p monitor, you have to squint to read those chart images.