SaaS is a platform that has not only revolutionized cloud platforms but also requires new security solutions. This model is a modern way of providing services to different companies as well as enterprises, but business owners need to be as careful as possible about SaaS risk management.

Top Security Risks That Every Company Should Know About

All proponents of personal security who plan to purchase and use SaaS need to pay special attention to cybersecurity as well as privacy. We will describe 6 possible security risks that have to be adequately assessed.

Regulatory Compliance

It is very important to understand the compliance of SaaS with all important security measures. Business owners need to learn about the compliance of cloud programs with the regulatory requirements for personal data protection. For example, such as GDPR, HIPAA as well as SOX. Learn about ITIL and ISO security certificates, as they are also very important for information security. It won’t take long to verify SaaS compliance, but it will improve data protection.

Access Management

Access control is an important part of every SaaS program, as company executives provide their confidential data. SaaS users must be confident that personal information will not be disclosed through a single access point to the service. Additionally, clients need to determine the possibility of network problems and lack of monitoring.


SaaS product systems are quite complex, so there is a risk of incorrect configuration. And this in turn leads to problems with access to cloud services. A similar example is an issue of YouTube’s blockade in Pakistan in 2008.


Before connecting new software, consider the security risks of SaaS, and make sure where and how all data is stored. It is important to understand how stored data is controlled and how secure the cloud service provider is. You should also understand the available security solutions, such as data encryption. We recommend that you carefully understand who can share file information that belongs to your company.

Disaster Recovery

Sometimes businesses may face force majeure, catastrophes that will lead to data loss. You need to know how your data will be saved in case of emergencies in virtual or real environments. It is important to understand whether there will be restoration of data in such situations.

Privacy And Data Breaches

Daily, organizations face the threat to the security of data privacy. The reason for this is often ransomware and malicious viruses that can attack the cloud service. It is important to know how the intrusion of personal information will be investigated.

How To Improve Your SaaS Security And Compliance Posture

There are some important tips that can help you evaluate the security of cloud SaaS and keep your data safe. Here is a list of recommendations:

  1. Improve the security system of the service. Users are better able to monitor who is given access to data, control and verify confidential information. Pay special attention to data storage locations and applications that may share information with personal devices or other services.
  2. Monitor SaaS threats. The risk of cyber threats is increasing day by day, so entrepreneurs need to engage in cloud monitoring with enhanced threat management capabilities. It is important to analyze and protect cloud services, understanding the threats in the early stages.
  3. SaaS security automation. Security automation is the number one task of SecOps representatives. In today’s cloud environment, with a large number of notifications, records and events, protecting them manually are quite difficult. That’s why SecOps is looking for and offering automated solutions that are available through artificial intelligence. Such disruptions can track different types of threats and prevent them from spreading.
  4. Use event logging. Logging all events in the service is an important task for cybersecurity. Extended event log monitoring can detect problems and prevent possible data loss.

In general, a timely SaaS app assessment is a solution to any possible data security issues.

SaaS Compliance Capabilities Of SpinOne

The SaaS security policy is moving in the right direction and guarantees data protection for its customers, but additional protection is a must. SpinOne is a platform that provides much greater security assessment for cloud SaaS. The service monitors and analyzes browser extensions around the clock, guarantees backup and security for SaaS applications. In addition, an audit log is kept and history of all actions taken. If threats to the security system are identified, warnings will be sent to business owners by email.

SpinOne is a wise and effective solution for anyone working in the field of cloud storage and other resources to organize work.

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