Our phones are much more than devices that let us call dear people. Everything can be done over the phone nowadays. Business deals, learning new skills, meeting new people, getting dates, buying everything we can imagine… The list goes on and on. Smartphones are part of the culture today. Something like a personal assistant you can put in your pocket. But some people forget the importance of safety and privacy, especially when looking for dates over the phone.

Younger singles are usually more aware of the potential threats, but everyone should keep their guard high. We’ll look into the safety solutions phones provide. Some are directly related to dating platforms, others are features that most devices have, but many people neglect them. Despite the fact that modern people seem to be more open with all the social networks they have, still dating life requires privacy, whether straight or gay people. Even for gay and lesbian singles who are open about their sexuality, security will always be a top priority in online dating. So let’s see what sense of security our own phones can give us.


Phone Camera is More Useful Than Some People Think

The one stereotype about lesbian women is true – creepy straight men can’t stop fantasizing about them. It may seem irrelevant. But what if we tell you that one of the basic features is one of the best safety tools for online dating (not just for lesbians)?

Sometimes desperate men join lesbian dating sites and pretend they’re ladies to get some online action. Depending on the site’s quality, that can be more or less dangerous. Of course, most dating sites use certain security features to prevent fake profiles and creeps who fake their identity. You should not feel fear if you are a female looking for a female and for the first time joining an online platform. However, that still doesn’t mean it’s ok to be careless. Exchanging photos and videos (or live video chatting) isn’t just the best way to have fun on any dating platform. It’s the best way to see if the other side is honest. The biggest red flag on any online dating platform is when someone avoids live video chat. Catfishers can steal photos, but they can’t fake anything on video because that’s like talking in person.


Fingerprints and Facial Recognition to Keep Nosy Friends Away

The next safety feature for online dating isn’t related to any site. Sometimes close friends like to tease each other, so they dig through each other’s phones. Luckily, there’s an easy way to keep curious minds out of your phone. Using fingerprint and/or facial recognition ensures no one except you can unlock your phone. It means friends can’t ruin potential relationships by sending inappropriate messages. It’s also handy in case of theft. Most people have a lot of personal info on their phones. In the worst case, criminals could use that to steal an identity. That’s why biometric recognition is the best strategy to keep your phone only yours.


Email and Phone Number Verification to Eliminate Bots

Another simple feature is there to eliminate all bots. Those boring pieces of code are the main reason why straights, gays and lesbians don’t trust some dating platforms. When someone joins a lesbian dating site, the online platform almost inevitably requires verification of an email address or phone number. Bots can’t pass that, so members can be at peace while browsing potential partners because they know everyone is a real person. No, that doesn’t mean there are no fake profiles. But the combination of phone number verification and live video chat ensures everyone is who they say they are.


Message Encryption Turn LGBT Dating Platforms into Sanctuaries

“What if someone could see all the stuff we’re sending to each other?” That’s a question every lesbian woman asks at least once while chatting online. That may have been an issue before, but modern dating platforms have message encryption. This ensures that only the two of them can see and read the contents of their messages to each other, so that women seeking women become bolder, which increases the chances of success on the dating site.


No Social Media, No Party…

This is common sense and not related directly to dating over the phone. It’s simple to check if someone is honest by checking social media. Everyone who claims they don’t use any social media but has profiles on LGBT dating platforms is most likely hiding something. If that gorgeous single sounds perfect, but you can’t find her on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or LinkedIn – run, run without looking back.


The Oldest Trick in the Book Still Works

While some older models of smartphones don’t have facial or fingertip recognition, every phone, from Nokia 3310 to the new Motorola, has…get ready. Phone feature. After a while, ask the other girl to give you her phone number. That shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve been chatting online for days. And it can calm your mind. You can see if the girl is honest about her location by looking at the country code. If she claims to be born and raised in the US but has a German phone number – watch out. Something is smelly there.

Everybody is talking about modern safety features that make online dating safer. But many people neglect the basic features of their phones. Combining new features with vanilla phone functions is the best way to stay safe while looking for your next love or lover.

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