From the outside looking in, PC and console gamers don’t seem to have much in common. PC gamers prefer a more hands-on and DIY approach to their gaming experience, while console gamers are more likely to prefer comfort and convenience. However, there’s one piece of gaming culture both groups likely agree on: they don’t take mobile gaming very seriously.

Or, at least, they didn’t in the past. 

Back in 2020, PC games raked in over $36 billion in revenue worldwide, according to Statista, while console games brought in almost $18 billion. Historically, console and PC games have had a hold on the gaming market—but mobile gaming is changing this picture rapidly. 

This year, a Newzoo report predicts that mobile gaming will represent almost 30% of the global gaming market’s revenue. In fact, mobile games are expected to bring in over $91 billion this year — and Android smartphones are leading the charge. 

One of the biggest factors behind the success of mobile gaming has been social and casual titles, which are more recreational than they are competitive (unlike most console and PC games). However, social and casual titles can be played on an iOS or Android device. What sets Google products apart are the emergence of gaming-specific phones, like the Asus ROG 5.

These devices include advanced resolution, responsiveness, and gameplay mechanics, which are revolutionizing the mobile gaming market. In other words, these software and hardware updates have now made it possible for games traditionally played on PC or consoles to be a competitive and satisfying experience on Android smartphones.

From Subway Surfer to Ni No Kuni

Along with Asus Android phones, Lenovo and Nubia have also begun to deliver dedicated gaming phones with high refresh rates, long-lasting batteries, plenty of RAM, and quick processors. As mentioned above, these make playing games at a 7th generation console level not only achievable but accessible.

Before we jump into more advanced games, it’s worth mentioning that even casual titles are benefitting from these optimization improvements, with Subway Surfer players enjoying low latency and high frame rates, and the indie phenomenon Among Us now being a pleasure to play within the Android ecosystem. 

The same also goes for non-traditional titles, such as poker. Top platforms like PokerStars offer information on the rules of poker, including hand rankings, which the latest smart devices bring to life with vibrant graphics and quick loading speeds. As with other titles that fall under the moniker of mindsports, players need to be able to respond quickly to keep the game moving and keep their opponents on their toes.

Same for imaginative new games. In 2019, Studio Ghibli released the film Ni No Kuni. In June 2022, Netmarble released Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds for Android and iOS. The game has garnered mixed reviews for certain automated sequences, which add a movie-like effect. In other words, the graphics closely mirror those in a Ghibli film. And gamers with an Asus ROG 5 or the Lenovo Legion Duel have enhanced cooling for their devices, which extends the time they can spend diving into graphically vibrant worlds like Ni No Kuni.

Case Study: Diablo Immortal & Asus ROG 5

From Texas Hold’em to Studio Ghibli, mobile gaming is truly diversifying. However, many mobile gamers are opting for Android products for their ability to translate complex titles that were originally developed for PCs, including keyboard mechanics.

For example, Diablo Immortal, released this summer, is being hailed as one of the biggest and most successful PC-to-mobile ports ever. At the forefront of the game’s success are happy Asus ROG 5 users, who’ve hailed the phone’s superior processing, shoulder-mounted buttons, and a huge suite of software tools for improving the gaming experience in terms of ergonomics, gameplay mechanics, and customizable features like a gaming-first home screen.

Taking a closer look, the Asus ROG 5 includes features like a 360Hz refresh rate, an AMOLED 6.78-inch screen, and superior mobile audio with top-tier stereo separation. For context, a basic PC monitor will have a refresh rate of only 60Hz and an advanced gaming screen of up to 240Hz. 

For players of games like Diablo Immortal, which includes quite a few shadowy scenes, the Asus ROG 5 also includes a zoomed screen specific for gamers, such as X-Mode. Customizable features like X-mode, which the iPhone 13 doesn’t have, make gaming on traditional PC titles like Diablo a long-term hobby by shifting the screen’s focus exactly where it needs to be for fighting sequences.

Additionally, the Asus ROG 5’s elevated refresh rate and advanced graphics also prevent lag and freezing. For example, Diablo on an Asus ROG 5 can be customized to enable firing and strafing from the shoulder button and virtual buttons on the phone’s back. Both features were designed with ergonomic gaming in mind.

Waiting for a 5G Boost

Android has more options for customization compared to iOS products. Additionally, Android products include open-source software, which means companies like Lenovo and Asus can continue to innovate. This has helped Android become the world’s most prevalent smartphone operating system.

But interest in gaming can only go as far as a local network connection. Looking forward, Android will continue to innovate in mobile gaming. The rollout of 5G networks will boost interest in new titles, as superior connectivity lets people game in more remote locations. 

Typically, gamers rely on certain technologies to increase their network’s strength. However, the expansion of 5G wireless speeds will contribute further to the growth of mobile gaming, including the growth of eSports. Already, Ericsson has reported that over 2.5 billion people currently play on a 5G network.


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