Most often, the “spy app” and “phone monitoring” expressions are associated with hacking and illegal activities. However, spyware has its ethical and unethical sides depending on who uses it and for what purposes. For example, it’s unethical and illegal to secretly install a spy app on someone’s phone to steal their financial information or identity. 

However, parents use such software to access their children’s smartphones remotely. They can watch the children’s real-time locations, and their messages and browse history. So parents can be at peace knowing that their children are at school or home and there is no maniac trying to lure them into their traps via social media. 

Overall, here are the most popular five phone monitoring apps recommended by users. 


mSpy is a popular phone spying and remote monitoring software designed for Android and iOS devices. The application works in the target device’s background, and its owner doesn’t even suspect its existence. It can track SMS messages, calls, WhatsApp messages, emails, and even geo-location. Most parents use the application to monitor their children’s activity, but hackers can also use it to steal sensitive information from the target device. mSpy provides new users a 7-day trial, but the monthly subscription starts at $48.99. 


This spy software has so many advanced features that can track everything happening on the target device. It allows monitoring the social media activity of the target phone, tracking the browser history, and spying on calls and text messages. And while the application works seamlessly in the background, the user isn’t aware that all his activities are being monitored. The hacker can enter the Cocospy web version and see what you use the application for in real-time. 


FlexiSPY is another phone spy software without target phone that allows monitoring the activities of Android and iOS mobile devices. The application can be used for spying and monitoring the phone calls, controlling the camera remotely, and recording everything happening in the surroundings. Even if an antivirus app is installed on the phone, the spyware can stay completely undetectable.  


Spyera is an award-winning application designed for secretly monitoring the activities of both PCs and smartphones. Besides spying on text messages, the application also allows tracking messages and calls on Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and Hangouts. It also has a “Grabber” that can be used to discover any password entered on the phone. Spyera surely has advanced functions that can be used to control and spy on the target device. The only downside of the application is its cost. The pricing starts at $89 per month.  


Spyic is mainly used for tracking children’s activity on their phones. You can use the application to monitor their messages, social media accounts, and incoming and outgoing calls. Spyic also shows the phone’s location in real-time and instantly learns about your child’s whereabouts. The only disadvantage of this spyware is that you need physical access to the target phone to install the application. Once installed, you can opt for its web version and monitor everything happening on the target device. 


All the mentioned applications have advanced features allowing the target mobile device to be under full control. In addition, this spy software works seamlessly in the background and doesn’t let the phone owner know that someone is looking through their messages or recording their calls. Though parents can use these applications to monitor their children’s activities, hackers also use them.

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