Google and the AFL teamed up just over a year ago to bring the Footy Skills lab to users. Offering tips and tricks for kids and adults to improve their game.

A year on, further collaboration has occurred to bring skills development for wheelchair users and accessibility to the hearing and vision impaired. The new features include:

  • Get tips from a pro: Select AFLW, AFL Wheelchair leagues and Umpiring to get a demo from a pro to guide you.
  • Pick your accessibility features: Captions on/off, slow down the video speed and AFL Wheelchair mode
  • Closed captions are now optional, so the screen is not too busy for people with low vision.
  • New cues when you finish an activity: There are new visual cues with colours for hearing impaired and deaf users to know an activity is finished.
  • Go at your own pace: You can now slow the playback speed to 0.5 if it is helpful to have the activity slowed down.
  • Get tips to set you up for success: More details about the space needed for activities, particularly for wheelchair users.

Aspiring juniors, rank amateurs or local club superstars all have something to learn when it comes to footy. Learning from some of the best seems to be a smart way to do it.