We are thrilled that summertime is here and are looking forward to weeks of fun entertainment on our phones. Many will be out traveling, or just busy on the road, so mobile entertainment is perfect. It is easy to bring it wherever you are, either if it is on a road trip, on the plane, at the beach, or inside cooling off. 

There is a lot of mobile entertainment out there, and you are bound to find something you like. However, locating just the right one can be a struggle, as there is simply so much to choose from. Let’s have a look at what there is that you can try, and maybe you will find this summer’s hit entertainment. 

Online casinos

A popular form of mobile entertainment is online casinos. These are filled with fun games that can be played all day long, and you might even find a casino bonus in there as well. These are great for making the already exciting games more fun, and perhaps more profitable as well. Online casinos contain games in all different categories, such as slot machines, board games, roulette, dice, game shows, lotto, betting, and more. It is safe to say that there is a lot to choose from, and so much to get through over the summer. 

Before you can play casino games, you need to find the best casino to play at. There are a lot of different casinos out there, and you should take some time to decide between them. First of all, the casino needs to be completely safe to gamble on. This means that it needs to have several payment options to choose from, good customer service, a language and a design you can understand, and good terms. It also needs to hold a license that is approved and currently working. You can see Crikeyslots list of new casinos to find the one you like today. 

Streaming movies and shows

Another fun thing to do on your mobile is to stream movies and shows. This can keep you entertained for hours and is perfect for when you have to wait a long time for something. It can be during travel, on the airplane, when relaxing in your hotel room, before bed, and so on. The good thing about this is that you can download movies and watch them offline, which is great for when you have to turn off WiFi, or simply don’t have an internet connection. You can even use a tablet or your new gaming devices to stream. 

If you wish to stream offline, you should make sure to download the movies before you set out on your travels. It will save you a lot of mobile data. Whenever you get to places with Wifi, you can download more. It is perfect for children as well, as you can keep them entertained during the long travels from the tablet, or via the new and improved Chromecast from Google at home. 

Creating content

A popular source of mobile entertainment is to watch others’ content, but why not make it yourself? If you are out and about this summer, you can document the things you are doing and upload it to social media apps like TikTok and Instagram. TikTok is great for sharing shorter video clips, and you can add both suitable music and fun filters to them, to make them look even nicer. The app has grown immensely in popularity lately, and it is estimated to reach almost a billion users in 2025

This has made it a popular app for creators that want to show their work and become influencers or vloggers. There is also a nearly endless amount of content on the app that you can watch from your phone. It is THE app for scrolling all day long, perfect for finding inspiration for your new videos. 

These were a few of the things you can do on your mobile this summer to stay entertained. They will likely make it a lot more fun, and kill some time when you are traveling, waiting, or simply relaxing by yourself. Remember to download the apps and find your online casino before you travel, and stock up on mobile data before you leave home.