Among the many streaming service providers, one of the quiet achievers to date is Pluto TV. For anyone who isn’t familiar with Pluto, in their own words:

All you really need to know is… it’s free of passwords, it’s free of payments, and it’s free of all those Friday night spats about what to watch.

So, what’s the big deal?

Well, until this week, the landing page for Australia said “unavailable in your country” but now, we have a landing page.

So it looks like, very soon we’ll have access to a host of free TV channels and on demand movies in Australia.

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Daniel Narbett

Well, I guess it’s true that a service you can’t access does do away with the need for passwords, payments etc. 😉

Paul Warner

I sometimes watch it on my Fire TV from the US feed. I suspect if it’s like Tubi it will be a cut down version of the US one.