We know that Google acquired Fitbit and since that time has been eagerly awaiting a Pixel Watch. Earlier this year, we were delighted at Google I/O to see it’s finally coming. Unfortunately, it’s not been the speediest delivery and new details suggest the battery life might be disappointing.

The team at 9to5Google have completed an APK teardown showing some details around this. In particular, a couple of snippets have caught the eye of their team. One relating to a reminder to charge your new watch before bedtime:

Get a notification before your bedtime goal if your Pixel Watch battery is too low to track a night’s sleep

and the second, almost confirming that the Pixel Watch isn’t expected to last more than a single day.

Time to charge your watch
You’ll need at least 30% charge to track a full night’s sleep

Personally, I’m hoping for at least three days of battery life from the Pixel Watch but that may be out of reach. We’ll know when it is released, later this year, likely alongside the Pixel 7 devices.

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“Three days of Battery life”
”Tell him he’s dreaming”

I expect first gen to charge daily since we would charge phones daily anyway. Light use maybe 2 days tops.