With Dreadfall 2022, School of Dragons is offering players one of the most eagerly anticipated gaming events of the year, just in time for Halloween.

Dreadfall Event, or simply Dreadfall, is a limited-time event in which participants must collect as much Candy as possible in order to obtain a variety of goodies. One of them is the rare Dragon Hybrid, whose parent Dragon is based on a Dreadfall-related dragon like the Boneknapper. It debuted on October 10th, 2019, with Update 3.3.0 – The Great Dreadfall Update, marking the first Themed Event in School of Dragons and the second Live Event in the game, following the Stormshatter Event.

As the community’s favourite event according to 35% of respondents in a School of Dragons survey, Dreadfall 2022 will be available to players from October 4 through November 15 in the popular MMORPG How to Train Your Dragon.

Quests and the new content you can expect from the Dreadfall Event 2022:

  • New Dragon Species – The Graveknapper
  • 4 Dreadfall Story Quests – Begin our new Dreadfall tale by meeting Ruffnut in New Berk.
  • 18 Daily Quests
  • 8 Dragon Tactics levels
  • 30 Dreadfall Stable Quests
  • 2 Dreadfall Battle Event Ships
  • 4 Dreadfall Racetracks
  • Several chambers of the Dreadfall Maze have been renovated. Explore to get rewards and compete against your peers for the fastest time.
  • The Dreadfall Bat, a new winged Farm animal, has arrived on campus.
  • 5 frighteningly designed Kites will help you decorate your new Dreadfall-themed Farm.
  • New Dreadfall-themed Dragon Skins, Armor, and Weapons
  • We have expanded our incentive options even further! Collect Dreadfall Candy to unlock up to 40 unique rewards.

The update also introduced the changes below:

  • Fixed collision issues in the Dreadfall Valley racetrack
  • Tectonic shifting around the Archipelago has unearthed a new cave system on Dark Deep