Nowadays, the number of cybercrimes committed by hackers is continually growing. Not the last role here belongs to the fast development of Internet communications and resources. If you write a request on how to learn how to read someone’s messages without their phone, you will receive dozens of results with various suggestions. That is why it is high time to understand the ways you may secure your messages from hackers and other third persons. Many of these people use specialized software to spy on your mobile activity. However, beginners in this “occupation” often rely on basic suggestions about spying on someone. The number of such suggestions is significant. Let’s clarify the tips which will help to secure our private messaging and the ways how hackers are looking for our weak points.

Cyber police pieces of advice concerning hackers

While using the same network as you, a hacker can intercept bank card data, passwords, and messages. All this data can be stolen, and you may lose critical personal information and even your money, which is stored on your bank cards. Therefore, give your preference for the Internet from a mobile operator over a public Wi-Fi network. The cyber police advise not to carry out banking operations when connected to a public network and not to use Wi-Fi networks that ask for authorization by phone number, email, or social networks because criminals can use this against you. Also, it is advised to turn off the option of shared access to files, prohibit the discovery of your device by other network users, turn off the option of automatically connecting to an open network, and use a VPN when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network. In addition, the cyber police advise not to register on new resources while using an unknown network, and if the connection is interrupted and reconnected, do not use such a network.

Now, let’s speak about these and some other tricks on how to prevent hackers’ access to your data and private messaging.

Ensure that your password is strong

First of all, you should have a reliable password to your device. Nowadays, mobile devices allow establishing several types of passwords that will enable access to the smartphone:

  • Numeric passcode;
  • graphic key;
  • fingerprint;
  • face identification.

If you have chosen a password, then it must not be simple and easily recognizable. Never choose your birthday or your surname as a password. It can be easily identified by criminals. Also, never use the same password for different apps and devices.

Do not reject the help of password generators.

The strength of your password can be a key to your personal safety online. It is recommended to change them from time to time. If you don’t have an idea about how to create a reliable password, you may rely on password manager software. The passwords suggested by these generators are impossible to remember at first sight. They consist of upper and lower cases letters, numbers, and other signs and punctuation marks. Such a password is almost impossible to be hacked.

Install the antivirus software on your smartphone

Antivirus software is not only applicable to computers. Tablets and mobile devices also should have them in order to protect them from potential hacker threats and malware software. Antivirus will help to protect your device from viruses. Viruses, in their turn, are dangerous because they make your device protection weaker, and hackers have easier access to your data and messages.

VPN as a way to safety

Public Wi-Fi networks (in restaurants, bank establishments, cafes, etc.) help hackers to get easier access to your data because they have been investigating this way of hacking for a long time. If you will try to understand how to spy on text messages without software for free, you’ll see that at least not using unknown networks can keep you safe, but sometimes you have no other choice. That is why a VPN may be a solution for how to protect yourself when using such networks. It will be more difficult for them to track your data.

Anti-Malware Programs Are Also a Solution

The principle of work of these programs is similar to antivirus programs. Such programs help to detect and delete any malicious program that can have a direct impact on your phone and help hackers to take various critical data from your mobile device. Malware programs can even be installed on your smartphone without your consent and awareness. So, an anti-malware program will help to remove any possible threat. Also, they help to fix various damages which were already made to your phone and security.


Text messages are the same critical data for every smartphone owner as any other data on it. That is why one should keep away from public networks, always use strong and reliable passwords, and use specialized software that will help to detect and remove any suspicious activity on your mobile device. According to these are the main steps to keep you safe.