Since the game’s release, this update has most likely been Elden Ring’s biggest development. On the surface, the update introduces radical balance changes for both PvE and PvP weaponry. Regarding the plot, it appears the developers are tired of users consistently using the weapon skill of Moonveil Katana. A variety of weaponry has been improved so that players won’t be scared to mix things up a little more now. Different from these and intended to make duals more interesting, the alterations made to the weaponry in PvP mode.

It appears that ray tracing will be available shortly because menu strings for the functionality were discovered in the source code. “Enabling ray tracing will lock performance settings to prioritize quality. The ray tracing setting will only be applied after returning to the title menu.”

The most important aspect of this update, though, is the DLC hints found in the game’s source code. There have been discovered map files from audio banks m20 and m45 that are not currently present in the game. Data miners dug a little deeper over the following few days to confirm that they are in fact connected to the severed colosseum.

Sekiro Dubi, a modder, has discovered evidence of the fresh material Elden Ring will receive in this patch.

Sekiro Dubi is the same person who, back in April, at Elden Ring, made a colosseum operational. It appears that information discovered at the time that suggested that future DLC would include an arena was accurate.

Elden Ring is a huge game with optional and main plot material that may be played for tens of hours. The map is enormous, and it most likely has the most areas, stages, and bosses of any game in the FromSoftware library. Although many gamers have probably completed their playthroughs, this DLC could persuade them to return to the Lands Between.