We’ve got a giveaway that’s pretty cool if you’re a fan of Oracle Red Bull Racing, motorsport in general, or even just need a new backpack, water bottle and cap. Thanks to Poly who’ve teamed up with Oracle Red Bull Racing in 2022, one lucky winner will take home a prize pack worth AU$350.00

The pack contents:

  • Oracle Red Bull Racing backpack
  • Oracle Red Bull Racing cap
  • Oracle Red Bull Racing drink bottle
  • Oracle Red Bull Racing mug
  • A brand-new Poly Sync 10 speakerphone

The competition is simple, just comment below why the Poly Sync 10 will make your online life better. You can be serious, funny or completely off the wall. The three comments with the most likes, plus two chosen by the Ausdroid team will be sent to the team at Poly to choose the winner so come back regularly, send your friends to upvote your comment and have a bit of fun with it.

The fine print
Entrants must live in Australia with only one entry per person, in the event of multiple entries the earliest entry will be the only one considered.

The competition is live now and runs until 6 pm AEST on November 27th, with the winner being contacted via email during the following week.

If you can’t wait that long, head to the Poly store to grab your gear now.

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I would love to get this to gift few items as Kris Kringle to a work mate who is a Mercedes fan 😛 He follows Lewis hates it when Max wins. I think will be good laugh at the Christmas party.


Love Poly gear! Already have their Voyager headphones but have been looking for an alternative so I don’t have to wear them over my ears all the time in meetings. It eventually hurts when wearing glasses at the same time.


With a Poly Sync 10 i’ll be able to re-create all of Max’s victory radio calls from the 2022 F1 season in my home office. 😀

David Jones

As a F1 fan for nearly 40 years and a Red Bull Racing Bull Fan since day 1, especially during Mark Webber’s and Daniel Riccardo’s tenure, I would love to win this pack. Especially as the only Australian working for an International (Canadian) company, participating in long meetings or delivering online training requires great audio. Poly is the only brand I trust for such audio!


I hope i win anything , thank you hahaha


For me, the Poly Sync 10 would be surplus to requirements.
On my Lenovo laptop, I have a Blue Snowball iCE, as my video meetings mic, and my Yamaha YST M8 speakers still provide excellent sound even after more than 20 years of use.
On mobile phone, my Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite IS a full featured speakerphone.
And for home phone, I use a Uniden DSS-7855 speakerphone and handset.
So yeah, I’m struggling to see how a Poly Sync 10 could be of benefit to me.

Victor Y

Wish i could put on my noise cancelling headphone, but alas, need to listen to my newborn cry. Work from home to the max!

Campbell Simpson

I’d love that RBR merch, for sure, but with the amount of time I spend on Teams calls every day that Poly Sync 10 would get a harder workout in my home office than an F1 car.

Andrew W

The Poly Sync 10 will take my foolish conference calls and make them foolproof, amazing!


This would be really cool for my Zoom calls. Why? Because right now I look like an idiot with my Pixel earbuds which are very soft so I end up using my in-built MacBook mics but need to face the laptop. My external webcam has an in-built mic but it’s far away. The Poly 10 would allow me to speak clearly, if placed near my keyboard. Hopefully I’m not clacking away at the same time as I use a mechanical keyboard. Anyway I’m a massive F1 fan too so hopefully that RBR kit will go nicely with the Poly 10.


Gee! I wonder who attended the Leader Expo 2022. This was one of the attendance prizes given away by Poly at the Expo.

Charles H

It will be great for WFH, I don’t have to use the cheap headphone work is providing me that gives me headache when I use it all day.

Ricky F

The speaker will be great at home so I can hear callers clearly and I won’t have bad hair day by not needing to wear my headset all day while working.


Instead of listening to that lingering voice in my head like a last song syndrome with the typical standard headsets, my ears will be able to relax freely with the Poly Sync 10. I will now be able to take calls while working from home in my office, sitting on the toilet or catching some fresh air and Vitamin D at the beach!


On the toilet? When nature calls!


Working from home full time this will mean no more living with a headset on all day and my ears and head will thank you 🙂