+ Monday January 20th, 2020

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Best of 2019: Alex Dennis

So 2019 for me has been a year of the gradual improvement in tech, especially mobile, smartwatches and well AI Assistant smart speakers. It’s been a year where I have seen the mid range devices begin to further step up and become the new battleground for smartphones. The mid range …

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Google joins forces with Amazon and Apple to create a new open source Smart Home Standard under the Zigbee Alliance

I’ve checked the date, twice, it’s not April, so that must mean that Google, Amazon and Apple along with the Zigbee Alliance really did just announce a join open-source partnership to develop a new Smart Home Connectivity Standard. Yes, that’s right a single, open, standards-based, non-proprietary technology being jointly developed …

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Lexus will now update select older models to Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay

Earlier this week we reported that Lexus’ sister-company Toyota had announced that upgrades to their infotainment systems to include Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility were available for select cars. Now Lexus have joined the throng in offering the same support to older models. Lexus have already included support for …

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Apple Music appeared on Google Home (and then disappeared just as quickly)

Last week during all MWC 2019 news, this one almost slipped past our radar; Apple (or Google) brought Apple Music to Google Home as an optional music service. However, almost as quickly, the feature disappeared. With an update to Google Home (to version 2.9.118), Apple Music appeared as an option …

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