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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Oppo R15 Pro — Review

It's past time for us to talk about Oppo's R15 Pro. With its successor just announced, and the R15 Pro widely available across Australian carriers and MVNOs on both pre/post-paid plans, you're sure to find it on offer if...

OPPO R11 — Australian review

OPPO have made great inroads into the Australian smartphone market in recent years through the ability to produce high quality hardware at an affordable price. Even more recently OPPO have moved towards producing phones that make great camera...
Oppo R9s Plus

OPPO R9s Plus and R9s — Australian Review

Oppo has been in the Australian market for 3 years now, bringing their range of affordable high-quality phones to an increasingly-receptive Australian public. While their older N and Find series seems to be taking a rest, the company’s devices...

Oppo F1s — Australian Review

Oppo are continuing to work very hard to get their name at the forefront of users minds when they’re looking for a solid, reliable and budget friendly phone. They have been releasing a number of phones lately, they are...

Oppo R9 Plus — Australian Review

When people think of top range phones, the likes of Samsung, HTC, LG and more recently (albeit with selected handsets) Huawei come to mind for most users. Oppo are working very hard to catch up to the front runners...

Oppo F1 – Review

The age of the Chinese Smartphone OEM dominating the market is right around the corner. I don’t mean Chinese manufacturing like many OEM's already do to one degree or another, no I mean the age of...

Oppo R7s — Review

Oppo are huge in China, but they haven't quite reached the same level of huge elsewhere. At least, they haven't caught up with the likes of Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, or HTC just yet. The name doesn’t really excite too...

Oppo R5 — Review

Oppo last year announced two new handsets at their launch in Singapore, announcing the Oppo N3, an update to the N1, and another more design oriented handset, the Oppo R5. While the major focus these...

Oppo Find 7 — Review

Review: Oppo has just entered the market in Australia, they’ve arrived with four phones to sell through their OppoMobile website, offering phones from the budget conscious Neo 5, up through the N1 mini, Find 7a, all the...

Oppo N1 — Review

Oppo is one of the ever increasing batch of “nearly there” brands who have some nice hardware, pretty acceptable software. The Oppo N1 is a solid phone which looks great and feels nice in your hand, but can...

Oppo R819 Dual-SIM Smartphone — Review

Oppo's Dual Sim followup to the Find 5 Oppo attracted the eye of media and consumers alike with their Find 5 earlier this year, a device that was - and still is - seen as a worthy...

Oppo Find 5 — Review

That display and the audio, does the rest of the phone hold up? Late last year, Oppo announced their latest flagship device, the Find 5 and over the last few weeks, I have been putting it through...

Oppo Find 5 – First Impressions

I recently received a brand spanking new Oppo Find 5, with thanks to the guys at Expansys and wanted to get a few thoughts out there before going into a full review of the device in the coming weeks. Lets...

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