+ Monday January 27th, 2020


Oppo R17 Pro — Australian Review

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Oppo: masters of building great hardware, delivering device after device with stunning build quality packed full of specs. ColorOS: Oppo’s Android-based operating system, disappointing with weird limitations and baffling UI choices, though improving with each iteration. While the story remains the same …

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Oppo Find X — Australian Review

It’s been a long time since we saw Oppo playing in the premium end of the smartphone pool. We’ve become familiar with their mid-tier R-series and lower end A-series but as smartphone geeks we like to see companies pushing the envelope – and for their return to flagship phones, Oppo …

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Oppo R15 Pro — Review

It’s past time for us to talk about Oppo’s R15 Pro. With its successor just announced, and the R15 Pro widely available across Australian carriers and MVNOs on both pre/post-paid plans, you’re sure to find it on offer if you’re out shopping for a phone. The R15 Pro is big …

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OPPO R11 — Australian review

OPPO have made great inroads into the Australian smartphone market in recent years through the ability to produce high quality hardware at an affordable price. Even more recently OPPO have moved towards producing phones that make great camera phones (both normal and selfie shots), still at an affordable price. With …

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OPPO R9s Plus and R9s — Australian Review

Oppo R9s Plus

Oppo has been in the Australian market for 3 years now, bringing their range of affordable high-quality phones to an increasingly-receptive Australian public. While their older N and Find series seems to be taking a rest, the company’s devices have gone from strength to strength with its wallet-friendly F series …

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