If you’re in a spot where you occasionally need a bit of data on the run, which won’t expire in a hurry then Officeworks and Optus have a deal at the moment – almost too good to pass up.

You can snag an Optus (re-branded Alcatel) 4G Wifi Modem with a prepaid SIM in it for the low, low price of $25 and the best news is it has a 365-day expiry to allow you to leave it in your bag and pull it out as you need without the worry of it expriring. If you activate the prepaid SIM before the 4th of February you’ll get 14GB of data as a bonus instead of the usual 4GB.

The modem supports Cat 4 LTE offering up to 150Mbps download, while technically it’s locked to the Optus network you can get it unlocked if you do a bit of searching for sellers of codes on eBay. That said, having a plan with 365-day expiry is pretty enticing.

An Officeworks insider tells me that these are runout (old model modem – but still with warranty) so if you’re keen – be quick, there won’t be any further stock available.

Have you seen any other data deals worth sharing lately?

Source: Officeworks.
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I just purchased one. BUT can’t find the 4GB 365day plan. HELP


Same here. To activate you need to select a prepaid plan, min $30. Not sure how to bypass this.


Select the 365 day $130 plan but untick the auto top up box. As in the text of the article. My PayPal had 1c deducted as proof of identity.


That is what I did and it has seemed to work as advertised.


I did exactly as Gregory detailed above and all went through fine. Only 1c to my credit card.


There are plenty in stock at the Ringwood branch in Victoria but they are not on the shelves, you have to ask the staff. Handy to have the web page to show them the stock number. The people I spoke to at two branches know nothing of the deal.