The cornerstone of a connected smart home is having a way to interact with it; you can install smart switches, timers and more, but if you don’t have voice control, do you really have a smart home?

I’d argue you probably don’t, and what better way to bring all your smart gear together than with a Google Home Mini? This diminutive little speaker will give you voice interaction with hundreds of smart items from dozens of manufacturers. Ask the weather, switch your lights on and off, open the garage door, or play some tunes for your kids as they go off to sleep. Whatever you want, Google’s Home ecosystem probably has you covered.

For a limited time, you can grab a Google Home Mini for just $36 from Bunnings Warehouse. The offer is available nation-wide, and we’ve confirmed in-stock availability at this price at a number of Bunnings outlets around Sydney.

So, if you’re looking for the next piece of your smart home (or perhaps you just want an extra smart speaker somewhere), a Google Home Mini for $36 at Bunnings is an absolute bargain. About the only way to get one cheaper is to get a freebie as a special offer.

Source: OzBargain.
Source 2: Bunnings.
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While this is certainly cheap, I feel there may have been a new price norm set recently for smart speakers. It seems both Google Home Minis and Echo Dots are consistently sub $45.


Technically Getting Officeworks to price beat would be cheaper.

Charles Craig

Thanks Alex, But were not Woolies giving them away for free last weekend ??. That’s a bit cheaper. I disconnected mine (which came for free with my Pixel 2Xl), as I found the invasion of privacy offensive. If I remember to do so, all I need do if I want Google’s help, is say ‘hey Google’ to my Pixel 2, and I get a very well founded and very reliable, in every sense, response. My ‘phone doesn’t, to my knowledge ‘listen’ to my words, or anything else, unless I ask it to do so. I live in a analogue house,… Read more »


Hey mate how is saying “hey Google” to your Google pixel any different to saying ” hey Google” to a home?? That is quiet possibley te dumbest thing I’ve read on the internet this year.. oh wait saying I live in an analogue home while saying how good a Google pixel 2 is because it doesn’t listen to my words but somehow without listening to everything I say knows when I say hey Google??? I believe you may need a brain transplant

Chris Rowland

Well said champ.


This has to be one of the best shitposts I’ve seen this year, good job.

Christopher Scott

They are free with a Spotify account


Not anymore

Chris Rowland