Black Friday is fast approaching and we’ll undoubtedly be seeing a lot of tech specials as the time nears. One that has landed in my email is from Yubico for their Yubikey USB 2FA devices.

We’ve covered data protection, strong passwords and 2 Factor Authentication a lot here at Ausdroid and most recently we took a quick look at the soon to be released biometric capable Yubikey.

At the end of the day, protecting your data should be a priority for you as an individual and for businesses. Don’t ask what it’s going to cost you to set up, ask what it could cost you if you lose your account or access to your valuable data.

With Black Friday approaching Yubico are offering some great deals between November 25th and December 2nd on the Yubico site:

Get $20 OFF any 2 keys (including 2 packs) from the YubiKey 5 Series or if you’re looking at a larger investment for your business or family, you can get $100 when you spend $400 or more on the same series of keys.

If you’re interested in upping your security game, these are well worth the investment.

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David Clarke

If only these worked as a USB-C monitor….