Considered signing up for Optus 5G Home Broadband but the $200 setup fee put you off?

Don’t worry about it because during February 2021 Optus is offering 5G Home Broadband month to month plans with the great deal of 1 month free and no setup fee.

Both plans include Optus Sport soccer streaming and rental of the Nokia 5G modem.

The $90 plan also includes rental of a Fetch Mighty streaming TV box with 3 months Ultimate Channels pack and thereafter 1 premium channel pack.

If you’re in an Optus 5G coverage area and have sub standard NBN eg unreliable FTTN the $90 plan is worth a try. Check out my review of Home review: Optus 5G home broadband is a speed demon*.

You have to wonder if Optus is doing this because of the NBN news a few days ago that no new HFC connections would be activated for several months.

Anyway whatever the reason, it’s a good deal we thought was worth sharing with readers.

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I get a good HFC connection in my house, but when this is available in my area i will be looking into giving it a go. cheaper, added extras faster speeds…. hopefully. if the upload speeds are comparable to my 40mbit then i will switch. I would have taken up the 1000/50 but i cant get it on my hfc yet.


This Feb 2021 deal is comprehensively useless to me.
Where I currently am, does not get Optus 5G.
Where I’ll be moving to next month, has HFC, and does not get Optus 5G.
And I’ll be moving about a fortnight after this Optus offer ends.
Real great luck, not.


its available on my address and the upload is complete shit

I get 350 to 400 mbps download and all I get 10 to 20 mbps upload

upload speeds on 5G are complete disaster like the nbn and all networks in general in australia