Like it or not, Winter is here and the nights are getting colder. Not only that, the daylight hours are disappearing quickly too. So having some technology in your home to make it safer, smarter and warmer makes a lot of sense.

LASER has a number of items that can do just that starting at just AU$10 and going up to the AU$100 mark. Let’s start with some basic automation on lighting, the 10W smart white bulb is only $10.00 and compatible with both Asssitant and Alexa. So a simple “Alexa, I’m home” can turn your lights on and prevent those clumsy, embarassing falls over stuff you (or your kids) left lying about. If you’d like a bit more mood in your lighting then the smart rgb bulb is only $5 more.

There are plenty of other lighting options too, including strip lights and downlights ranging form $10 to $29.95

If you’re after some remote triggers for appliances like lamps, or even an automation to turn your electric blanket on; the smart Wi-Fi plug is a cost effective option. Featuring dual USB and — within the app — power usage monitoring, it’s a useful start, or addition to your smart home and only costs $29.95

Seeking a little more safety and visibility of your property is very common these days. Laser has plenty of security options to offer. Compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa makes them ideal to view on screens, or your mobile when movement is detected outside, or inside your home.

There’s so much on offer from a single provider, this can be a blessing if you’re not wating too many apps on your mobile. Check out the Laser range online and take advantage of the super low pricing.