Friday , June 15 2018

Smart Accessories

Google adds Chromecast support to Google+ photos and videos app – and ESPN, MLS and Crunchyroll

Google announced some new Chromecast support on the Chrome blog overnight, which concentrated heavily on sports related updates. Primaril, the blog focused on the introduction of Chromecast support for ESPN and Major League Soccer(MLS). We do have ESPN here in Australia thanks to Foxtel, but whether this service translates with …

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Quickflix announces Chromecast availability for their Android and iOS apps coming soon

Quickflix, has today announced that they will be releasing an update to their Android (and iOS) apps which will integrate compatability with the now available Chromecast dongle. Quickflix is an Australian company founded in 2003, who provide a video rental service in Australia. Quickflix began by providing DVD/BluRay rentals, before …

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Foxtel announces Presto for Android – coming with Chromecast compatibility in July

With the launch of Chromecast in Australia, Foxtel has taken the opportunity to announce that Presto will finally be coming to Android. Presto is Foxtel’s premium ‘all-you-can-eat’ movies service, which they intend to make available deliver to selected Android tablets starting in July. While it’s been available for iOS since, …

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