Saturday , October 21 2017

Android, Modding & Updates

Android N is known internally as New York Cheesecake by Google’s Android developers

As far as Google’s concerned they’re nut’tellin’ us what the next version of Android, currently known externally as Android N, will be called, but internally at Google it’s a different matter all together. Google developers are apparently calling it Android New York Cheesecake. The triple barrel codename isn’t new for …

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Google Play Games gets a boost with Indie Games corner, easier connection to friends and game recording

The Game Developer Conference (GDC) is underway in San Francisco and Google is there in full force unveiling a new set of tools to enhance Google Play Games for Developers and in the long run, Gamers. New features have been announced, including a new indie corner to promote Indie Games, …

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Google releases March security update as well as updated Factory images for Nexus devices

Google has today released their monthly security update notice for March, advising their partners of new vulnerabilities that have been patched. The announcement of new security vulnerabilities also means that Google has updated their Nexus Factory Images for selected Nexus devices. The list of vulnerabilities released includes the Common Vulnerability …

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