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Huawei Ascend G6 — Review

Huawei has been evolving in front of our eyes for the last couple of years. Bit by bit, device by device, the Chinese manufacturer has been releasing handsets designed to appeal to a more upmarket customer than some of...

Nextbit Robin — Review

Nextbit’s Robin is the beginning of a curious new age for Android devices. The company’s first smartphone is a darling of Kickstarter crowdfunding, quickly blowing through its funding goal late last year, and establishing itself as a hot device...

Review – HP Chromebook 11 (2201TU)

From time to time at Ausdroid we get the opportunity to review devices that complement Android or the larger Google ecosystem. Amongst these devices Chromebooks are a hot favourite for many of the Ausdroid writers. At this point I...

Sony Xperia Z — Review

Did Sony bring back the wow, or miss the mark? Ausdroid finds out. Sony Mobile's John Featherstone told an audience of Sydney journalists last week that Sony would 'bring the wow back' with the Xperia Z, after a string of...

LG Nexus 5X — Review

The Nexus range of devices in 2015 were well leaked ahead of their release at the end of September, and the indications were they'd be an impressive batch of devices. While Huawei was new to the Nexus game in...

Nexus Player — Review

Google has been trying to get a foothold in the loungeroom for years. The ill-fated Google TV saw immediate pushback from content creators, while the Nexus Q never made it to market but still holds a special place in...

Moto G 3rd Generation — Review

Motorola is innovating, and it's doing it at a cracking pace. The Moto G line is not quite two years old in Australia, and already we're reviewing the 3rd generation of the product. Ordinarily, we get a bit upset...

Motorola Moto E — Review

When I attended the Motorola breakfast announcing the Moto E and Moto G 4G back in May this year, I had to say that at least in relation to the E, I didn't have high hopes. By that stage,...

Moto X Style — Review

Australia has not been a very successful market for Motorola in recent times. The past couple of years since firstly Google took over and now Lenovo have seen Motorola begin to slowly make inroads with their new-look phones....

HTC Butterfly (X920e) — Review

The best display on the market, at the cost of battery life I've always had a soft spot for HTC ever since I laid my eyes on the HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1 way back in the day. They sparked...

Asus Zenfone Selfie – Review

The Zenfone Selfie is one in a series of ‘feature specific phones’ that Asus have launched in the wake of the Zenfone 2. In Scott's review of the Zenfone 2 he found a solid and reliable device for under...

Moto X Play — Follow-up review

Since I first laid eyes on the Moto X Play back in August, I knew I was excited; for the first time in what felt like ages we had the beautiful industrial design of Motorola, paired with stock Android...

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 (5.5) — Review

Alcatel OneTouch have made a name on lower end hardware, the results have ranged from decent through to less than average. But, since my walkthrough at their booth at Mobile World Congress, I’ve been aware that this company has...

Review: Garmin Vivosmart HR

Kleenex, Hoover, Glad Wrap, Band-aid, Fitbit. All brands that are synonymous with the products they represent. It makes it hard for other brands to break into their respective fields. Fitbit’s dominance of the fitness band industry through...

Oppo Find 7 — Review

Review: Oppo has just entered the market in Australia, they’ve arrived with four phones to sell through their OppoMobile website, offering phones from the budget conscious Neo 5, up through the N1 mini, Find 7a, all the way to their...

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