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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Motorola FLIPOUT coming to Aus in early October – yay.

I thought the barrage of shoddy Motorola devices came to an end when Optus cleared them from their online store, but evidently that is not the case. Motorola have today announced that they are bringing the Motorola FLIPOUT to...

Why Telstra should get the Desire Z

Telstra said at day 1 that they weren't going to launch an Android device until they thought the platform was mature & stable enough. They kept that stance until the HTC Desire was announced, a device they welcomed with...

Samsung pushes Galaxy S Android 2.2 update back to late October

Above is Samsung Spain informing the world that Samsung are expected to push out the Android 2.2 to Galaxy S devices in late October instead of the September date they had originally planned. We also have to keep in...

HTC Desire HD screenshots hit the web

With the Desire HD making its way over to VHA in the next month or so, I thought I'd get some excitement going by posting up some of the screenshots from the Desire HD that have made their way...

Galaxy S plan comparisons

Now that the Galaxy S is available on all the major networks, we thought we'd bring together all the cheapest/best plans for each carrier and compare them against each other, to see which plan would better suit your needs,...

Telstra launch Samsung Galaxy S

Telstra have today indeed launched the Samsung Galaxy S i9000T, in what seemed to be a massive anti-launch with no announcement coming from Telstra at all today. With all that aside, you can step into most Life Stores to...

All Motorola devices pulled from the Optus website

What do you do when you launch 3 low-end devices and stop supporting them, as well as launching another device 6 months late? Well if you're Optus, you pull them from your website and pretend none of that ever...

LG Optimus to receive Android 2.1

The LG Optimus is set to receive Android 2.1 according to the LG Mobile website. We've reached out to the Carriers to see if they're going to push out the update with their wonderful Carrier Apps included, or if...

Samsung Galaxy S hitting VHA stores today & tomorrow

So if the HTC Desire HD hasn't tickled your fancy, and you're not waiting to fork out to get the Telstra Galaxy S then you'll be happy to know the Galaxy S hit most VHA stores today and they're...

Vodafone get the HTC Desire HD exclusive

Vodafone have confirmed that they will be the exclusive carrier of the HTC Desire HD, the epic device that was announced tonight in London. Following HTC’s global announcement in London, VHA announces today that the HTC Desire HD will...

Telstra officially confirms Galaxy S to launch on the 21st of September

Update: September launch, not October. We've kind of known for a while now that the Galaxy S was set to launch on Telstra from the 21st of September, but now it's been officially confirmed by Telstra. No word on the...

LG launch Optimus One, coming to Optus in October for $349

Last night LG had a press launch event, and there they announced the upcoming release of the LG Optimus One which is the bigger (better) brother of the LG Optimus. It features a HVGA 3.2" capacitive display, 600MHz CPU,...

Own a Motorola DEXT, Quench or Backflip? You’re stuck on Android 1.5.

It appears Motorola have updated their Android Update Schedule, and as usual with Motorola, bad news. The Moto DEXT, Quench & Backflip will never (read it: never) be updated past Android 1.5 as Motorola says: Will remain on Android...

Samsung Galaxy 5 i5503T coming to Telstra Prepaid Oct 16th for $199

So this story has gone from a 'might' to a 'coming soon' which is good news for peeps after a simple low-end smartphone on Telstra Prepaid. The Galaxy 5 i5503T is expected to hit Telstra on the 16th of...

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 videoed running Android 2.1, speed not included.

No, you're not seeing things or dreaming, that is actually an Xperia X10 running the elusive Android 2.1. The video, which can be seen after the break, shows the X10 with an all new Launcher with Live Wallpapers included,...

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