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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Telstra to launch Galaxy S on the 21st of September, will set you back...

Our trusty Telstra connect has just hit us up with some info regarding the Samsung Galaxy S launch on Telstra. Mark the 21st of September in your calendar & make sure you have a lot of spare cash handy,...

Huawei announce IDEOS — In talks with Aussie Carriers

The above device may look familiar, but it was announced 4 days ago by Huawei. The IDEOS is a low-end device that is aimed to push the limits of performance at a low ($200-) price. Some features just to...

Samsung Galaxy Tab headed to Vodafone UK — Vodafone AU, don’t let us down

The past has proven one good point, Vodafone AU usually pick up devices that Vodafone UK stock. Examples: HTC Legend, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 & Google Nexus One. So when we saw the Galaxy Tab pop up on the...

We’re hands on with the Millennius Apanda A60

Our Apanda A60 review unit has just arrived and we're going to be spending the week putting it through its paces. But we'd also love to hear all your questions so we can get around to answering them for...

HTC Wildfire available on Telstra Prepaid from today

From today onwards the HTC Wildfire will be available on Telstra Prepaid for $349 (supposedly). The Wildfire will be network locked, but can be unlocked by recharging $80 + unlocking fee. Tell us how you go :)

What’s happening in September..

There's quite a bit that's meant to be happening in September, although most of it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. I hope some of the stuff in this post will get your Android juices flowing....

Samsung officially announce Galaxy Tab – We just want it in Oz

We love it, most of you love it, now that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is official, maybe we can actually get to meet the gadget we love. Running Android 2.2 on a 7" 1024x600 LCD display powered by a...

Millennius launch new online store – Android range includes Tablets & Phones

So we've told you a little bit about Millennius, now we can tell you that they have just launched a new look online store. The online store now includes two variations of their Android Smartphone the Apanda A60 (8GB...

Acer launch 5 Android Smartphones

Today Acer launched 5 new Android Smartphones to the Aussie Market, those being: Acer Liquid E - 728MHz CPU, 3.5" Capacitive Display, Android 2.1, 5MP Camera Acer Liquid E Ferrari Edt - 728MHz CPU, 3.5" Capacitive Display, Android 2.1, 5MP Camera Acer...

Google now supporting Paid Applications for Aussie Developers (Update: Google lied)

Update: apparently Australia was "wrongly listed" on the Android Market help website. Well done, Google.. Apologies to everyone who got their hopes up, it seems it's too good to be true. Update 2: Australia is no longer listed as...

Sony Ericsson AU planning to update X10 Series to Android 2.1 around September-October

If you currently own an Xperia X10, X10 Mini or X10 Mini Pro, you'll be happy to know that Sony Ericsson Australia has not forgotten you just yet. After reaching out to SE AU this afternoon, I got quite...

VHA finally announce the Galaxy S is ‘Coming Soon’

Good news, Vodafone & Three have just announced via their blogs that the Samsung Galaxy S is 'Coming Soon'. You’ve been talking about it for a while, and you’ve been asking when we’ll get it, now we can officially...

Vodafone & Three drop Xperia X10 to $59 a month

Vodafone & Three are currently selling the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 on their $59 cap plans as a promo, which as nice as it sounds, is still a fair whack for such a device. I mean, come on, It's...

Samsung preparing an arsenal of accessories for the upcoming Galaxy Tab

We know the Galaxy Tab is in Australia, and we have been told it could be headed to Optus, but now we know that when it does come, there will be plenty of accessories to go with it. The...

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro available now from Telstra – $49 Cap or $649

Telstra have recently, and quietly, added the X10 Mini Pro to their growing arsenal of Android Devices. The X10 Mini Pro, which is the smaller brother of the Xperia X10 which is already available through all carriers including Telstra,...

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