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Monday, May 17, 2021

SE Xperia X10 Mini Press Release

For anyone wanting a bit of a read, SE has just sent me the Press Release for the launch of the X10 Mini on Optus. You can download it (PDF) from the link below, or view it in text...

Review: Generic HTC Desire ROM on Telstra Desire

So you own a HTC Desire from Telstra and you want to remove those, dare I say, stupid BigPond applications? Well I have the answer for the Android/Tech savvy, Root your Desire! Now, let's keep that in context. "Rooting"...

So you want an Android alternative to the iPad? Will this do?

Some of you may of heard of this, others may not have. It's the Notion Ink© Adam & it will be headed to Australia on release. The Adam has a Multi Touch 10.1" TFT capacitive display in WSVGA (1024x600px)...

HTC Legend available now through Vodafone!

Vodafone have recently opened up the floodgates for people with interest in the HTC Legend to snap it up. As the Vodafone Store says $49 a month will get you the device for $0 upfront or $10/mo on the...

SE X10 Mini $0 on Optus’ $49 Plan – $349 on Prepaid

Optus have pretty much gone under the radar on this one. They have stuck up the X10 Mini on their site as Post-Paid on the $19 'Social' Plan all the way up to the $99 'Social' Plan. Which is...

Lifehacker: What’s your phone of choice? and why?

So the guys over at Lifehacker have a bit of a poll going, and I think we need to get over there and show our love for Android, right? Pretty much, they just want to see who owns which types...

Weekly Poll #4 — Plan lengths 50/50 – Everyone wants data!

What mobile phone plan do you prefer? && What length do you prefer on a plan? Thanks once again to everyone who placed their votes in this weeks poll. This weeks poll was a bit different with two polls in...

Xperia X10 Mini headed to Optus Prepaid for $349?

Once again, our friends over at Techanist.com have got hold of information that suggests (if not says straight out) that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini will be heading to Optus, but instead of a plan, on prepaid. The...

Telstra Desire Social Review is over — Good times were had

So the Social Review is over, reviewers have spilled their guts about the phone & now Telstra has to deal with it! ;) I myself thought it was a great experience, and it was a good new way of doing...

Vodafone relaunches the Xperia X10 today

Sony Ericsson has just informed us that Vodafone has relaunched the Xperia X10 after it's delay a few weeks back. We were told the initial release just wasn't right & the devices weren't ready. So let's see if they...

HTC Desire ‘Social Review’ — Day #12

In this post -- that will be stuck to the first page -- will be my thoughts on the HTC Desire I won through the Telstra 'Social Review' competition. These thoughts are mine, and mine only. I'm not...

Motorola Milestone & Garmin A10 headed to Optus?

Now I'm as sick of the Motorola Milestone rumours as you are, but I think we might finally be on to something here, so bear with me. Lucas over at Techanist.com has a screenshot (after the break) of the...

HTC Legend on VHA: Pricing & Timeframe

Ahh yes. The news we have been dying to hear about for weeks months. VHA (Vodafone + Three) has finally officially announced tonight, the HTC Legend. As well as the all important pricing & availability. Other interesting tid bits...

Update: Crazy John’s stocking the LG Eve — $299 Prepaid

Just as the tipster said, Crazy John's is stocking the LG Eve -- Just to follow up on our previous post. It is $299 as we were tipped. See the pic below for all the prepaid plans. For more info on...

Telstra’s HTC Desire — Q&A / Requests

So a few people have contacted me for some extra stuff they want to know about the Telstra HTC Desire, so thank you to those guys for writing it. If you have anything you want me to try out...

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