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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Motorola Milestone & Garmin A10 headed to Optus?

Now I'm as sick of the Motorola Milestone rumours as you are, but I think we might finally be on to something here, so bear with me. Lucas over at Techanist.com has a screenshot (after the break) of the...

HTC Legend on VHA: Pricing & Timeframe

Ahh yes. The news we have been dying to hear about for weeks months. VHA (Vodafone + Three) has finally officially announced tonight, the HTC Legend. As well as the all important pricing & availability. Other interesting tid bits...

Update: Crazy John’s stocking the LG Eve — $299 Prepaid

Just as the tipster said, Crazy John's is stocking the LG Eve -- Just to follow up on our previous post. It is $299 as we were tipped. See the pic below for all the prepaid plans. For more info on...

Telstra’s HTC Desire — Q&A / Requests

So a few people have contacted me for some extra stuff they want to know about the Telstra HTC Desire, so thank you to those guys for writing it. If you have anything you want me to try out...

Update your Nexus One to Froyo — If you haven’t already!

As most of you may know, the official Froyo release for the Nexus One was found and quickly spread around the internet faster than Rick Astley. But for those you that own a rooted or non-rooted Nexus One all...

Comparison: Xperia X10 – Desire – Nexus One

I have a few tests to go through with each of the devices (Xperia X10, Nexus One, HTC Desire), then you can come to your own conclusions to which is better overall. I'll throw in my thoughts just to...

Vodafone: HTC Magic out — “Several new Android devices” in

Straight from the Horse's mouth, this one. On Vodafone AU's Facebook Page they have left a comment stating that the HTC Magic is indeed an "End of life" device and is being phased out, with "Several new Android devices"...

Telstra’s HTC Desire – Review

Here is my review of the HTC Desire that I received from Telstra through their Social Review Competition. These are my thoughts, and my thoughts only. I was not paid by Telstra to do this, I have nothing officially...

Vodafone’s HTC Magic at “End of life” — No Android 2.1+??

It has come to our attention that the HTC Magic has been removed from sale on the Vodafone online store (Link). Now take this with the usual dosage of salt, but we've been told the HTC Magic is an...

Optus adds the Motorola Quench to its Android team

Now here's a device that has just popped up out of no where. The Motorola Quench or the Cliq XT has made it's way into Optus with hardly anyone noticing. Which probably isn't a bad thing, the last time...

Vodafone have not cancelled the X10, just delayed it

Finally, some Vodafone-X10 news you don't have to take with a grain of salt. Sony Ericsson have contacted me today to clarify that the Xperia X10 has not been cancelled by Vodafone, only that the launch date has been...

X10 pulled from Vodafone all together (UPDATE) — Three suspiciously out of stock

Update: Vodafone have not cancelled the X10, only delayed it. See Link Now there has been talk that there is an error with the Xperia X10 on Vodafone, when approached they said they didn't know when they'd have more stock....

Weekly Poll #3 – Carrier Caps & Plans your number 1 source

How do you prefer to purchase your Android Device? Thanks to everyone who placed their votes in this weeks poll. It's good to see who you guys trust & prefer to give your money to for an Android Device. I left...

Android Australia User Group

Just thought I'd let you know about the Android Australia User Group. Despite having the same -awesome- name, we're separate entities. The Android Australia User Group (Link) is all about promoting local Android Developer activity and bridging the information gap...

Google gets a Froyo home delivered — Release imminent

There is no word more official than this ( ;) ) that a new Android release is about to be rolled out. Google has had another treat delivered to the front of their offices, a Frozen Yoghurt. Although still...

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