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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Telstra releases Desire to all stores today

Telstra recently launched the HTC Desire, but only to it's major Life stores and online. Today it will be released to the masses (smaller stores & official resellers). The Desire appears to have lived up to all the hype it...

Millennius to release budget Android phone next month

Aussie budget technology maker, Millennius, is set to release their own Android phone next month. The phone will be sold their online store, and will come in two variants: 8GB ($399) & 16GB ($450+). The phone(s) will run on...

HTC Hero Eclair update gets delayed… Again..

Yep, you read it right. HTC have delayed the Eclair (2.1) update for the HTC Hero again. This time they have stated the June will be crunch time for the update. Although confirmation may be needed if that's June...

Telstra’s HTC Desire suffering from GPS problem

The HTC Desire's first week out has not gone without problems. A small little bug I'm sure people could deal with, but when your GPS won't connect at all, you have a massive problem on your hands. Whirlpool has...

Sony Ericsson dealt with the Xperia X10 in the wrong way?

A whole lot of news at the moment is based around the Xperia X10. It appears to have really taken off here in Australia and worldwide. With so much riding on the back of this phone, being SE's first...

Vodafone also launches the Xperia X10

Vodafone yesterday launched their take on the Xperia X10. Now both Voda & Three have the X10 on their shelves. With only Telstra & Optus yet to launch their versions. Vodafone is using the X10i for it's 900MHz/2100Mhz frequency capabilities...

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 out now on Three, finally

Three have today, finally, launched the Xperia X10. After some delays, it hit the shelves, with even 1 store selling it yesterday. Today's launch coincides with Telstra's launch of the HTC Desire The X10 has it's own Three vibe as...

Telstra selling HTC Desire from today

Telstra have sent out an email this morning stating that the HTC Desire is available for purchase online or through specific Life stores. As a surprise we are excited to let you know that you can be one of the...

Ausdroid – Site News

Over the last few days you may have noticed some of the new additions to the site. I have been working nearly non-stop to try and get it all implemented ASAP, without any noticeable downtime or disruptions. Read on...

Weekly Poll #1 results – Fast CPUs & Multitouch is what you want

What three things do you want to see in an Android Device? First off, thank you all for placing your votes. It's good to get feedback from the Australian Android community & that feedback will be passed on. Although the Poll...

Adobe Flash 10.1 Beta out later this year – Sign up now!

Adobe Labs have opened a website that enables you to sign up for a notification for when the Beta version will be available for testing. Read on for more information on how to sign up! On sign up, it presents...

Help & info to those purchasing from the UK

I know a lot of people are confused and cautious when purchasing phones from the UK, or anywhere overseas for that matter. In this post I will try to make things as clear and as easy as possible for...

Three to postpone X10 launch until 21st April?

After no more official news came from Three yesterday, a few people have speculated at an April 21st release (next Wednesday) date for the Xperia X10. We hope it comes soon for Three so they can get it out...

Xperia X10 pops up on Telstra’s website – Available May 4th

Telstra has today also formally announced it's plans to bring the Xperia X10 to their range of Android Devices, which currently consists of just it & the HTC Desire. Today we’re letting everyone know that Telstra will launch the Sony...

Xperia X10 out on the 14th April through Three

Finally, the X10 will launch for the first time in Australia through Three. It will be available from this Wednesday (14th April) free upfront on the $79/mo cap (24 months) or $949 outright, which is substantially more than the...

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