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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Sony Ericsson: X10 will be updated to 2.1 in Q4 – HD video also!

I don't know whether to sing or cry about this one. Sony Ericsson have just posted on their official blog that the whole X10 series (Xperia X10, X10 Mini & X10 Mini Pro) will all receive Android 2.1 in...

Sony Ericsson working on an update for Xperia X10 to “double battery time”

As previously reported, SE would be releasing multiple small updates for the Xperia X10 before the major update to a newer version of Android in September, and this is one of those smaller updates. A user on an unofficial SE...

Vodafone: We’re unsure when we’ll stock the X10

As some of you may or may not know, Vodafone stocked the Xperia X10 for about 2 days, and then it was removed for purchase on their site. I sent them an email not long after it happened, and...

Telstra after 25 ‘Social Reviewers’ to review the HTC Desire — ENTRY CLOSED

Are you the average smartphone user? Want to give Telstra feedback on their HTC Desire? Then this is the competition for you! Telstra are after 25 average mobile users to review the HTC Desire over a two week period and...

Telstra launch the Xperia X10 – $0 on $100 Plan – Outright: $1099

Telstra today launched their take on the Xperia X10. It's available for $0 upfront on a $100 Phone Plan. Yes, only Telstra could make someone fork out that much.. The Xperia X10 will come with Bigpond Music built directly into...

Optus launch the Xperia X10 – $0 on $99 Timeless Cap

Optus today added the SE Xperia X10 to their growing range of Android Devices. Hopefully they won't yank off their shelves like Vodafone. The X10 is available on a $19 cap for $25/mo all the way up to a $79...

Weekly Poll #2 results – HTC obliterates the competition in Aus

Which manufacturer do you think builds the best Android phones? Once again guys, thanks for voting. Almost doubled the amount of votes since last time, let's see if we can do that again! :) The general idea of this poll was...

Optus to launch Xperia X10 on $79 business plan

Word has just come in that Optus is about to (or has, it's not on their site yet) launch to Xperia X10 on their $79 Business Complete Plan for $0 over 24 months. The plan is meant to include...

Installing Apps to SD card coming in Froyo

Possibly one of the most requested features since release, the installation of applications onto your microSD will be possible from Android Froyo (2.2) onwards. This information came about after looking through the Android Issue Tracker, lo and behold "Status: Future...

HTC & Telstra release GPS Fix for bugged Desire

HTC have added the HTC Desire's bugfix patch to their support site, to fix the problems with GPS functionality. It can be found here: HTC Support Site The update does 2 things: Fix the GPS not working on Telstra's HTC Desire Add Voice...

Ausdroid – Site News #2

Tonight I thought I'd update the "Buy" page(s). Many of you may never have been to that part of the site as it previously needed you to be registered & logged in. That is no more, it is now open...

SE Xperia X10 & HTC Desire for sale at JB HiFi

As you can see from the above image. JB HiFi have recently put on sale the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 & HTC Desire (as they are an authorised Telstra Reseller). The X10 is $979 outright (Telstra's price) & mentions...

Xperia X10 appears in Optus’s Contracting System – Release imminent

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 has popped up into Optus's contracting computer system, and if that isn't enough confirmation of an imminent release, Dummy Handsets are being distributed to Optus stores. I give it a week or two before...

Optus Business Specialists trained to use the HTC Legend

Although it's not definite that the Legend will be released through Optus, an insider has told us that some Optus Business Specialists have been trained to use the device. So either it will be out soon on Optus, or...

Telstra & HTC working on a fix for GPS issue – Update out soon

ITnews have reported that HTC & Telstra are working together to create a fix for the ongoing GPS issues faced by some HTC Desire owners. For those of you not sure of the problem, there is a bug stopping Telstra's...

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