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TicTocTrack offers peace of mind for parents with options to track their children via a watch or their smartphone

Keeping an eye on the location of your child is a necessity in this day and age, and Brisbane based company iStaySafe has announced their new platform which lets you do just that with a new smartwatch and smartphone app. The watch and smartphone app allow parents to receive SOS …

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Google announces automatic closed caption support coming to Google Slides

Google’s moves to embrace accessibility features across their suite of products has been forward thinking for a long time, and today they’ve announced that they’re adding a new automated closed captions feature to Google Slides. According to Google, the feature was created after engineers Laura D’Aquila and Abigail Klein noted …

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Google introduces Podcast Creator Program in partnership with PRX to promote more diverse content creation

Google’s move into podcasts has been a slow burn, from introducing them into Google Play Music, through to incorporating them into the Assistant and finally introducing their own podcast app. Today, Google is announcing a new Podcast Creator Program in partnership with podcast network PRX to promote more diverse content …

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Google is going to stream games like Assasin’s Creed to Chrome on your laptop or desktop

Gaming in the browser is a big goal, especially when you’re talking about a graphically rich flagship game like Assassin’s Creed, but that’s exactly what Google is planning to do with Project Stream. In a partnership with software developer Ubisoft, Google is beta testing the technology starting later this week …

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