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Get a month of KayoSports including Superbowl LIII for just $5 if you sign up by February 4th

For sports lovers the new KayoSports streaming service is turning many heads with the on-demand service offering spoiler free access to the biggest sporting events happening in Australia and around the world. Now they’re offering a great deal on your first month for just $5. Normally priced at $25, you’ll …

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Facebook wants to connect messaging from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram

In the beginning, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook were three separate apps from three separate companies that had little to do with each other. In 2019, though, these services are all owned by Facebook, and though operated somewhat independently, there are reports that’s about to change. According to a report in …

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Movie Rentals from 99c and a classic sing-along musical and more to own from $6.99 now on Google Play Movies

With another warm weekend expected, most people will be sticking close to their homes and air-conditioners this weekend and if you’re looking for something to do you can grab a cheap movie rental or purchase from a selected range on Google Play Movies. The Movie rental options are pretty decent, …

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Google IO 2019 starts May 7th at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View

Google’s annual IO developer conference has been announced overnight with the date and location revealed after a developer solved the cryptic puzzle shared by the Google Developers social media account. Developer Till Kottmann ‘solved’ the puzzles by acting as a developer and coming up with a neat solution to circumvent …

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Google is currently looking at changes to Chrome which could render ad-blockers such as Ublock Origins ineffective

With a market share over 65%, Google Chrome is the browser of choice for a large majority of internet users. Part of the attraction of Chrome is the wide array of useful extensions including ad-blocking options like Ad-Block Pro and Ublock Origins, however a proposed change to Chrome from Google …

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Google announces timeline to transition users to Hangouts Chat

After the rumours of the death of Google’s messaging platform Hangouts began circulating late last year, Google was forced to address the speculation, finally advising it would transition users to Hangouts Chat, their enterprise focused version of the service this year. Today they’ve announced more details on the transition including …

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