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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) coming sometime next year with full Tablet support

Today at D: Dive Into Mobile, Android Founder/Father, Andy Rubin, decided to just whip out a spare unreleased MotoTAB he had lying around to show us that 2.3 is good, but Android 3.0 is going to be great, and...

Google Maps will soon be all vectors and sweet rotations

Google is just full of surprises today, along with the launch of the Nexus S running Android 2.3 "Gingerbread", they have also announced a new version of Google Maps that will be available on the market in the next...

Viewsonic ViewPads get announced, 7″ will set you back $699 – 10″ $799

Viewsonic Australia today announced that it will be launching the ViewPad 7 and ViewPad 10 for $699 and $799 respectively. Which seems priced better than the Galaxy Tab. The Viewpad 7 is the 7" tablet that runs Android 2.2 and...

What’s happening in December.. Besides Christmas

So we've made our way to the last month of 2010, December. Overall I think it's been a great year for Android in this country, a few exclusives here and there as well as a few secret launches throw...

Telstra announce/launch Samsung Galaxy Tab, only $840 outright

Telstra have just officially announced the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The pricing they announced is the same as what we were informed of a number of weeks ago, that being.. .center th {text-align:center;border:1px solid black;color:#F1F8F9;background:#069;height:15px;font-size:12px} .center td {text-align:center;border:1px solid...

December 9th looks to be an important day for Notion Ink

We've constantly heard about Notion Ink's upcoming tablet, the 'adam', for quite a long time now. It's gone from vapourware status to confirmed and coming, it's also gone from amazingly spec'd Tablet to fairly average compared to other Tablets...

Giveaway: Millennius SmartQ

Winner: Well done to Andrew, who was chosen by both Millennius and ourselves as the winner of the competition! After our review of the Millennius SmartQ tablet, Millennius were kind enough to let us give it away to one lucky...

Millennius SmartQ — Review

The Tablet race has just begun here in Oz, with the high-end being taking up mainly by the iPad & Galaxy Tab and the low-end being filled with heaps of cheap Tablets such as the Telstra T-Touch Tab,...

Galaxy Tab for Telstra, Optus & Vodafone price comparison

Now that we have pretty concrete pricing information from Telstra, Optus & Vodafone concerning the Galaxy Tab, I think it's about time we put some of that information together in another fantastic comparison table. We've taken plans that are...

Samsung launches Galaxy Tab website for Australia, provides all the info you need

Samsung have not long ago sent around a launch email for the Galaxy Tab, within that email was a link to a part of the Samsung AU website dedicated to our favourite Tablet. The site provides you with all...

Vodafone announce Galaxy Tab pricing & availability

Now that Telstra & Optus have released their Galaxy Tab pricing information, Vodafone has decided it's time to join the party. Today they spilled the beans on their blog with all the pricing and availability info you'll ever need...

Next generation Samsung Galaxy Tab to have Super AMOLED display, coming next year

You see what I see? Yep, that's a next-generation Samsung Galaxy Tab with a Super AMOLED display peeking out. Super AMOLED, for those of you who aren't currently aware, is Samsung's next-generation display technology that is used in the...

We’re hands on with the Millennius SmartQ & HTC Desire HD

Note: For all new readers, these posts go up so you guys can ask us questions about the device before the review goes up. Hope we cleared that up.. G'day guys, today feels like Christmas for us with the arrival...

7″ Pioneer Tablet available from Big W for $188, *yawn*

You know what I hate? Resistive screens Toll Couriers (as they think it's cool to attempt to deliver our Desire HD when I'm out for 5 mins), Sundays and blurry pictures. Especially this blurry picture, as the subject being...

Optus My Tab vs. Telstra T-Touch Tab

You guys on Twitter said it couldn't be done, I agreed, but I feel this table just has to be made. So I've taken on the task of making table to compare these two devices, with the specs currently...

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