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Monday, January 17, 2022

New Toshiba Tablet to be called the Excite

One of the keen eyed forum goers on Android Police noticed a new name trademark under the Toshiba brand name, "Excite". The information leaked on this new tablet is sketchy at best, however, as with everything coming out now,...

Huawei’s HarmonyOS 2 brings forward well planned integration

Their troubles over the past two years have been well documented across the globe. But with the release of HarmonyOS 2 and new hardware, Huawei is looking to move forward. Although the expected P50 Pro phone didn't...

This Smart Cover for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sure doesn’t help Samsung’s case

Dear Samsung, I'm so glad this isn't an official Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessory made by you, because it sure wouldn't help your case with Apple, but why on earth are you selling it in your stores in Korea?! Yes...

Nexus 7 (2013) launches today at retailers across Australia

After going on-sale on Google Play in the UK, Germany, Spain, France and Japan yesterday and in the US in late July. The day is here, the Nexus 7 (2013) is now rolling into retail stores across Australia. The WiFi...

Toyota’s new infotainment system based around the Nexus 7

Android integration has already started to make its way into modern-day cars, the next step forward is Android Auto, which should start being introduced into 2015 model vehicles later this year and into next year. Twenty Five car brands have already...

Nexus 7 (2013) JSS15Q update also solves GPS lock issue

The JSS15Q OTA update that is currently rolling out to the Nexus 7(2013) is also apparently fixing the GPS bug that was reported nearly two weeks ago as well. The update comes from Googler PaulW in the Google Product Forums...

Buy an Asus Chromebox from Kogan for just $249

ChromeOS has just gotten a big shot in the arm in Australia, with online retailer Kogan announcing availability of the Asus Chromebox on their store. Kogan are now taking orders for the Asus Chromebox (M039U) - the Celeron based unit...

Dell Streak 7 coming Optus? Dell seems to think so

We received this little tip yesterday and decided to investigate further, and what we found was right on the money. It seems during a live chat with Dell, a reader of the site — Justin — was able to...

On the test bench: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Lucky me. I'm reviewing what I can only describe as the best laptop I've ever used. We don't often get the chance to review laptops at Ausdroid, but when I found myself in need of something more capable than...

HTC Puccini to be HTC’s 10″ Honeycomb tablet, Sense UI is everywhere

I think we all knew HTC was planning to bring at least one 10" tablet into the market this year, that tablet just might be the HTC Puccini (codename of course) which just came to light through a leaked...

App Review: Free Zinio For Libraries Digital Magazine Access. Thanks Australian Public Libraries!

You could save $100's of dollars a year by subscribing to digital magazines for free via your Australian local or state public library and reading them on your Android tablet. Many Australian public libraries subscribe to an online service called...

Google Play arrives on stable channel for Chromebook Pixel 2

At Google IO back in May this year Google announced that Google Play and its apps would be coming to Chromebooks later this year. Then in June it arrived in the Dev channel of Chrome for some Chromebooks, but...

Toshiba Australia announce the Chromebook 2 for Australia

Toshiba announced their second Chromebook, creatively named the Chromebook 2 at IFA this week, offering a few hardware updates to their 13.3" screen form factor. Today, Toshiba Australia has announced that they will be bringing the Chromebook 2 to...

Aldi to sell 4″ Medion Smartphone and Bauhn 10″ 3G tablet

Aldi has not had a Smartphone in stock since the launch of their Aldi Mobile service back in March, when from all accounts it sold out; with many potential customers missing out on what seems to have been a...

Four new Android Apps now officially available on Chrome Web Store

The influx of officially ported Android apps on ChromeOS has begun, what started with four launch apps, nearly doubled on Thursday with three new additions, and overnight has now turned into a torrent with four new Android apps appearing...

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